Amite competing for “Cleanest City”

Amite competing for “Cleanest City”

The Town of Amite City is participating in the “Cleanest City Contest.” This contest is done by the Louisiana Garden Club Federation, Inc. The co-sponsors of the event are the Town of Amite City, The Stem and Stamen Garden Club and the Amite Chamber of Commerce.

In 1958, the Louisiana Garden Club Federation, Inc. was first among members of the National Council of state Garden Clubs, Inc. to sponsor a statewide “Cleanest City Contest.” This year 2009 marks the 51st consecutive year that it has been sponsored.

The aim of the contest is to instill civic pride in the individual citizens and thus, improve the appearance of towns and cities. Each year the competition has become stronger, and the cities and towns have achieved higher and higher standards of cleanliness.

Judging for the “Cleanest City Contest” will take place Wednesday, March 25th at 10:45 a.m.

The regulations and procedures for conducting the Cleanest City Contest are:

• Entries will be judged by specified rules and in accordance to the cleanest city score sheet scale of points.

• Any Louisiana community, town or city Having a Mayor or duly elected official must be sponsored by a Federated Garden Club to enter the Cleanest City Contest. This Club does not necessarily have to be in your community, town or city.

• Applications on the proper entry forms and entry fee must be submitted to the LGCF District Cleanest City Chairman by March 1st. Entry fee for the contest is $50.00. This may be paid by the entrant or the sponsoring club.

• LGCF District Cleanest City Chairman shall submit to the LGCF District Director and LGCF State Cleanest City Chairman - a complete listing of all entries in the district. The District Cleanest City Chairman sends the entry fee to the LGCF State Cleanest City Chairman.

• District judging will take place between the last week in March and the first week in April. Entrants will be informed of the date and time of the judging. The local CC Chairman shall accompany the District CC Chairman AND the judges about town. It is suggested that only one person do the talking for the entrant, other wise it becomes confusing for the judges.

• The District Director and District CC Chairman will be responsible for the contest within their district. A team of three qualified judges (preferably from out side your district) shall be selected to judge throughout the district by the District Chairman and District Director and approved by the State CC Chairman - prior to March 1st. Results of the CC Contest shall be announced by the district Chairman to All participants in the District within 24 hours of the completion of judging. No ties are allowed. A report will be submitted by each District CC Chairman to the State CC Chairman within 24 hours of the completion of judging.

• Each top scoring entrant in the 10 categories (with 80 points or over) in each district shall receive a plaque as The District Winner. The engraved plaque shall be presented to the Mayor or other elected official.

• Entrants receiving scores of 80 points or over will receive a Certificate of Appreciation from the LGCF.

• No city, club, or clubs shall be assessed more than the entry fee.

• Clubs should keep a record of procedures used in conducting Cleanest City Contest along with the news releases. “Before and After” pictures taken from exactly the same position(s) and all materials pertaining to the CC Contest (which may be helpful to the judges and the State Chairman) should be put in the scrapbook. The judges will view the scrapbook for District and State judging.

• State judging will be conducted the first and second weeks of May. Unless changed with the approval of the LGCF at a state meeting.

• The “Cleanest Cities in Louisiana” will be determined from the District winners in the 10 categories by the State Judging Team; composed of three (3) qualified persons selected by the State Chairman and approved by the LGCF President. The LGCF President-elect will serve as a judge at least one year prior to becoming President. If a state judge is from a city or town in the state finals, she will not be allowed to judge. The State Chairman will then become the third judge.

• Winners will be notified after the completion of all State Judging. Local news releases shall come from the Cleanest City Chairman. All District Chairmen, District Directors and Mayors will be notified of the results of the judging in their District - also at the completion of the contest.

• An engraved plaque will be awarded to State Winners in the 10 categories. Presentation shall be made by the Louisiana Garden Club Federation President and the LGCF Cleanest City Chairman at a time suitable to the Mayor and the State Chairman.

• There is no limit to the number of times your town or city may enter and win this contest

The judges for the contest will be looking for:

The landscaping and overall litter-free, clean appearance of Blue Star Markers.

Approaches to a city or town should be carefully observed. Weeds around poles, signs, and in roadside ditches detract as well as subtract points. Care should also be taken to see that there are not weeds growing in broken cracks of sidewalks or on street curbs.

Special attention should be given to make sure no weeds or tall grass is growing along school ground fences. Students could be given the job of policing the grounds to ensure that they are litter-free. This will help encourage pride in the cleanliness of their school.

Vacant lots should be mowed at least 10 feet from the street or highway. It Is

not always possible to mow the entire lot - although it does look better. Vacant lots must be litter-free.

Abandoned cars are one of the worst litter problems. A good anti-litter project is to rid the community of such objects.

Amite citizens are encouraged to keep their homes, and/or workplaces clean. If they are walking down the sidewalk and notice trash please pick it up and throw it in a trash receptacle.

A Spring Clean Up day will be hosted by the Amite Chamber of Commerce on Saturday, March 14. The event will be held from 8 a.m. - noon. Participants can meet at the Chamber office. Trash bags will be provided and individuals are encouraged to participate to keep our town clean and to win of course!

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