Amongst Friends: Remembering my grandparents on Thanksgiving Day

By: Heather Bogard

My grandmother, Gloria Bourque, passed away nearly two weeks ago, and as the Thanksgiving holiday rapidly approached, I couldn’t help but recall all of the delicious Thanksgiving meals and special Christmas holidays spent at my grandparents’ home as a child.

My mama and papa were great cooks, and I vividly recall the wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen as they prepared the large Thanksgiving feast for everyone. I always loved their cooking, and they always outdid themselves on Thanksgiving. I especially loved my papa’s turkey and cornbread dressing and my mama’s rice dressing. He would get up extra early to prepare the turkey and dressing, which was always done to perfection, and she would prepare the rice dressing, sweet potato casserole and the other side dishes. Once it was cooked, all of us grandchildren got to sample the food before it was served.

Mama also made a ton of homemade candy for Thanksgiving and Christmas each year, and as the meal was cooking, everyone snacked on the sweets while watching the Thanksgiving and Christmas parades on television.

My grandfather, Frank Bourque, passed away several years ago, and I always miss him around the holidays. Now, with both of my grandparents gone, Thanksgiving will never be the same. I will forever treasure those childhood memories of holiday meals at their home and spending time with them. As the oldest grandchild on that side of the family, I had a special bond with them when I was a child and I regret not visiting with them more often when I was older.

As my family gathers at my mom’s house today for our Thanksgiving dinner, we will, no doubt, reminisce and share the special holiday memories and traditions of my grandparents, who in turn passed the traditions of their parents down to my mom and aunt, who now share those same traditions with their children. We will have a wonderful time together enjoying each other’s company and my mom’s delicious meal. However, we definitely will be thinking of my grandparents, reunited in heaven on what also happens to be the date of their wedding anniversary. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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