Area students attain honors at Jeff Davis Parish Junior Livestock Show

Another Parish show has come to an end and the results have been tallied. This year there were 149 youth proudly exhibiting their livestock projects that they work hard towards throughout the year. In total, there were 395 livestock projects consisting of market and breeding animals.

Here are the results of the competition:


OVERALL MARKET HOG: Grand Champion Market Hog, Lindsey PrioLa.; Reserve Grand Champion Market Hog, Courtney PrioLa.;

Grand Champion Louisiana Bred Market Hog, Andrew Nugent; Reserve Grand Champion Louisiana Bred Market Hog, Alyssa Watkins;

SWINE SHOWMANSHIP: Senior Swine Showman, Ethan Crader; Intermediate Swine Showman, Allie Doise; Junior Swine Showman, Yimmi Fontenot;

HAMPSHIRE MARKET HOG, Champion, Yimmi Fontenot; Reserve Champion, Brittany Johnson; Champion La.. Bred, DyLa.n Bruchhaus; Reserve Champion La.. Bred, Nick Cassidy;

YORKSHIRE MARKET HOG, Champion, Lindsey PrioLa.; Reserve Champion, Grace Hanley; Champion La.. Bred, Tara Dennis; Reserve Champion La.. Bred, Tanner Pousson;

DUROC MARKET HOG: Champion, Thomas Hanley; Reserve Champion, Rylie Dartez; Champion La.. Bred, Rylie Dartez; Reserve Champion La. Bred, Wyatt Rogers;

AOB MARKET HOG: Champion, Cole Doise; Reserve Champion, Christopher McVicker;

CROSS MARKET HOG: Champion, Allie Doise; Reserve, Alyssa Watkins; Champion La.. Bred, Alyssa Watkins; Reserve Champion La.. Bred, Yimmi Fontenot;

BARROW MARKET HOG: Champion, Lindsay PrioLa.; Reserve Champion, Courtney Priloa; Champion La. Bred, Andrew Nugent; Reserve Champion La. Bred, Cade Heinen;

BREEDING SWINE: Champion Duroc, Nick Cassidy; Champion Yorkshire, Kade Courville; Reserve Champion Yorkshire, Haiden Guillory.


OVERALL MARKET Lamb: Grand Champion Market Lamb, Hunter Doise; Reserve Grand Champion, Market Lamb, Phillip Durio; Grand Champion La. Bred Market Lamb, Hunter Doise; Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb, Logan Doise;

SHEEP SHOWMANSHIP: Champion Senior Sheep Showman, Logan Doise; Champion Intermediate Sheep Showman, Gabrielle Briscoe; Champion Junior Sheep Showman, McKenzie Brisco;

MARKET LAMB DIVISION I: Champion; McKenzie Briscoe, Reserve Champion, Gabrielle Briscoe; Champion La. Bred, McKenzie Briscoe; Reserve Champion La. Bred, Gabrielle Briscoe;

MARKET LAMB DIVISION II: Champion, Hunter Doise; Reserve Champion, Chelsy Benoit; Champion La. Bred, Hunter Doise; Reserve Champion La. Bred, Chelsy Benoit;

MARKET LAMB DIVISION III: Champion, Phillip Durio; Reserve Champion, Logan Doise; Champion La. Bred, Logan Doise; Reserve Champion La. Bred, Logan Doise;

MARKET LAMB DIVISION IV: Champion, Cory Monceaux; Reserve Champion, Conner Bruchhaus; Champion La. Bred, Cory Monceaux; Reserve Champion La. Bred, Conner Bruchhaus.


COMMERCAIL EWE: Champion, McKenzie Briscoe; Reserve Champion, Phillip Durio;

SUFFOLK: Champion Female, Brittany Guidry; Reserve Champion Female, Brittany Guidry.

DAIRY: Grand Champion AOB, Rachel Brown; Reserve Grand Champion AOB, Rachel Brown; Grand Champion Ayshire, Joel Berken; Reserve Grand Champion Ayshire; Blaine Berken; Grand Champion Jersey, Adam Mallett; Reserve Grand Champion Jersey, Blaine Berken; Grand Champion Commercial Heifer, Adam Mallett.

DAIRY SHOWMANSHIP: Champion Senior, Rachel Brown; Champion Junior, Blaine Berken; Best Fitted Dairy, Rachel Brown.


MARKET STEER: Champion, Callie Mhire; Reserve Champion, Sarah Fox; Champion La., Callie Mhire; Reserve Champion La. Bred, Sarah Fox;

BEEF SHOWMANSHIP: Senior Swine Showman, Travis Cary, Intermediate Swine Showman, Amie Ferguson; Junior Swine Showman, Megan Lavergne.


COMMER. HEIFER – BRAHMAN INFLUNCE: Champion, Issac Woods; Reserve Champion, McKinley Heinen.

COMMERCIAL HEIFER – NON-BRAHMAN INFLUNCE: Champion, Anna Heinen; Reserve Champion, Ranna Hebert.

ANGUS: Champion Female, Travis Cary; Reserve Champion Female, Hobie Landry.

BEEFMASTER: Champion Bull, Trent Hargrave; Reserve Champion Bull, Phillip Durio; Champion Female, Phillip Durio; Reserve Champion Female, Trey Hargrave.

BRAHMAN: Champion Bull, Megan Lavergne; Reserve Champion Bull, Amie Ferguson; Champion Female, Amie Ferguson; Reserve Champion Female, Megan Lavergne.

BRANGUS: Champion Female, Lauren Savoie; Reserve Champion Female, Lauren Savoie.

CHARLOIS: Champion Bull, Daniel Fox; Champion Female, Daniel Fox.

RED BRANGUS: Champion Female, Eric Fox; Reserve Champion Female, Sarah Fox.

SIMMENTAL: Champion Bull, Abigail Welch; Reserve Champion Bull, Ali Welch.


OVERALL MARKET GOAT: Grand Champion Market Goat, Ryan Gotreaux; Reserve Grand Champion Market Goat, Ashley Gotreaux; Grand Champion La. Bred Market Goat, Hagen Poole; Reserve Grand Champion Market Goat, Marcus Pousson.

GOAT SHOWMANSHIP: Champion Senior Goat Showman, Travis Cary; Champion Intermediate Goat Showman, Ashley Gotreaux; Champion Junior Goat Showman, Tayton Poole.


COMMERCIAL DOE: Champion, Kylie Derks; Reserve Champion, Kylie Derks.

BOER BUCK: Champion, Hagen Poole; Reserve Champion, Mason Hebert.

BOER DOE: Champion, Hagen Poole; Reserve Champion, Tayton Poole.

PERCENTAGE DOE: Champion, Mason Hebert; Reserve Champion, Keaton Mabini.

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