Area teams wrap up first week of camp

CROWLEY – Not even blistering temperatures in the mid to upper 90s and a heat index in excess of 100 degrees could put a damper on the opening week of August football camp for Acadia Parish teams.

All area teams got in four days of work in the humidity and, for the most part, accomplished everything they had hoped, if not more.

“The heat made it a little tough, but you just have to adjust,” said Notre Dame coach Lewis Cook. “We took a few more breaks than normal because when you get tired, you’re not going to learn a whole lot; you’re just kind of in a survival mode so we tried to not get to that point.

“But, for the most part, I thought that it was a really good week. The effort from the kids was really good; they followed up a good summer with a good week.”

Crowley High coach Josh Fontenot was also pleased with his squad’s first week of workouts.

“This was probably the most enjoyable camp that we’ve had since I’ve been here,” said Fontenot. “There’s nothing really to complain about other than the heat, but everybody is dealing with that right now.

“The kid’s demeanor and attitude at practice, their wanting to come out and work was just very enjoyable to be around. And that translated into some good work at practice so we got a lot accomplished.”

The first week of August camp saw the teams working out in shorts and helmets only and was more of a teaching time for all involved. The process, however, is needed to prepare for the second week of camp when the team’s will work out in helmets and shoulder pads before going to full gear workouts on Thursday.

“You’re in shorts so you basically want to do a lot of teaching,” said Cook. “We did get a chance to go over to Acadiana on Tuesday (for 7-on-7 drills) and that’s always very fun and productive for us. That kind of adds a little spice to the week having an opportunity to do that. “

The Gents also laid the foundation for this week’s workouts by implementing their schemes and working on their kicking game.

“We put in all of our special teams units personnel wise and scheme wise and we did everything on offense that we wanted to get accomplished,” said Fontenot. “We looked at a lot of what we think we are going to see the most of this year on defense and worked it a lot.”

For both teams, the most important thing was coming out of the first week without injuries.

Each team pretty much accomplished that goal.

“For the most part, everyone is okay,” said Cook. “We have some sore muscles here and there, but we pretty much made it through the week in pretty good shape.”

For Fontenot, a healthy week was a good week.

“We have been injury free so far,” said Fontenot. “And that’s the key because numbers are what we’re probably fighting the most.”

Both teams will begin the second week of preseason workouts tomorrow afternoon.

“This week will be the real challenge because now we’re loading their backs with pads and it (practice) will be in the afternoons because school starts,” said Cook. “We’re going to have to be really cautious about how we do things (with the heat) and get production out of them.”

In Iota, coach Neal Legé’s Bulldogs started the week out at full steam, but sputtered the final two days, mainly because of the heat at their 4 p.m. workouts.

“I felt we had a good week early on,” said Legé. “Monday and Tuesday we had real good practices and then, I guess the heat kind of took its toll. We just kind of got sluggish the last two days and our execution wasn’t really there on offense but that’s kind of heat related.

“But we accomplished what we wanted: we got all our special teams in and we implemented the offense and defense.”

With the first week of camp behind them, Legé says his squad is looking forward to getting back to work Monday.

“We get to go out there in shoulder pads so you can get a little more in depth with things you couldn’t do last week,” said Legé. “You start doing your tackling drills and your reaction drills where we are going to be kind of live. You can get more into football game-type stuff now that you get the pads on.

“Then on Thursday, in our first day of full pads, we’ll probably have a quick-whistle scrimmage just to look at the execution on offense and defense and then we’ll kind of back off after that.”

Iota will have its annual three-way scrimmage with Kaplan and Eunice on Aug. 22 in Kaplan beginning at 5 p.m.

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