Baja St. Martin

The Belle River recreation site continues to be drained and filled. The Stephensville site has the playground now and two cute little pavilion structures. A machine was spreading limestone the other day for what will be a parking lot, I think.

Mr. Guillot from Shaw says the mucking of the Belle River site was perhaps more than anticipated. Nearly nine feet down in one place to reach solid ground.

Crawfishing is poor right now according to many. Price for crawfish is $2.75 a pound as of the l7th, but the water is low and it’s apparently almost impossible to get in the woods. Those who can are reaping the benefits. And the only ones who can operate in the shallow water and lilies

are those with the Pro-Drive motors, which I hear are pretty pricey.

The Belle River landing is showing the signs of business with piles of bait boxes, trash bags piled by the containers, some of which, by the way, are broken and lying on the ground.

The purple martins are back. I love the early morning activity with birds chirping and flying back and forth from one birdhouse to the other. Such a lovely commotion. And lots of cardinals, doves, mockingbirds and bald eagles.

Clover clumps are dotting the levee and yards. I have just mowed three yards. Now for the weedeating.

The intersection of Highway 70 and Highway 997 where the former turns to go across the Belle River bridge at Paizano’s has always been a good place for accidents. It’s a yield from one direction, stop in another, and just continue in another with one stop sign in the middle. DOTD has now created a large concrete island around the sign and one of the workers told me they hoped this would keep the sign from being knocked down two or three times a week. We’ll see what happens, but my guess is people will simply run up on the island and then knock the sign down and big trucks are going to have a hard time making the turn from one direction. It should be interesting.

Don’t drive through Pierre Part right now if you can help it. The new third turning lane is in progress and there are lots of delays. It’s also very tricky trying to get off the existing lanes because many of the driveways are blocked.

Linda Cooke

The Teche News’ Lower St. Martin correspondent, Linda Cooke, can be contacted via e-mail at

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