Baja St. Martin

The water is still too low for much activity, but crawfish fever is beginning. Every morning boats loaded with traps pass my house on the way to the Belle River.

I heard of one guy who caught 13 sacks of nice crawfish. Don’t know how many traps he ran and what kind of motor but most of the fishermen are using Go-Devils and those Pro-Drive motors.

My sister in Michigan says they’ve been getting plenty of rain which sounds good for us, but I’m not sure if that water will come down south or drain into the Great Lakes.

The island around the traffic sign at the corner of highways 70 and 997 seems to be working OK so far. I did see one really long truck having to actually swing part way onto the levee in order to make the turn around the island but there are as yet no visible signs of anyone running onto the concrete structure.

The bridge appears to be working correctly at last. Once in a while one ramp is angled more steeply than seems correct considering the hydraulic system, but maybe that’s normal.

The eagles are out and about along with other high flyers which might be buzzards, or kites. I’ll have to haul out my bird book. For whatever reason, the purple martins are here in full complement. Mockingbirds in abundance also. And a big bullfrog croaks in the ditch beside my house.

A tragedy occurred across the river recently with the accidental death of a young daughter of a well known family. Claire Alleman, just 20, was killed in an auto accident. The church was filled to bursting with mourners. The Alleman family is a big one in these parts. Claire’s mother and I were teaching colleagues. Such an awful thing.

The parks continue to progress. Belle River is still “mucking” but part of the future parking lot has been created and dirt was being moved from one place to the other where it has just been dried out. Stephensville is terrific with two nice picnic pavilions, playground equipment and ball field fencing, etc., being erected.

Thanks to Clayton Landry who has been bringing the Food for Senior boxes while Grover Angelle is laid up. We miss you, Grover, but Clayton is doing a good job, so rest easy.

Linda Cooke

The Teche News’ Lower St. Martin correspondent, Linda Cooke, can be contacted via e-mail at

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