Baja St. Martin

Hasn’t the weather been beautiful lately? If it weren’t for the mosquitoes and now, those pesky little flies, it would be perfect outside. The north wind is blowing pretty briskly which should push the water down and out a bit faster. Belle River is a little less black these days and it doesn’t smell anymore.

My husband and I made a “round” in our boat last weekend. That means starting at our house on Belle River, going toward Stephensville, up Bayou Magazille, across Lake Verret, through Pierre Part and back to Belle River via Bayou Grosbeck. We passed two net fishermen on Lake Verret. We’ve heard that the catfish are biting – running, whatever – ahead of the bad water, which was where these two guys were putting their hoop nets.

I see trucks across the river hauling tree debris. Don’t know if they’re private haulers or trucks helping out the parish or state. No sign of anyone doing the same over here. The levee has been mowed, the mosquito sprayer passed, WMI coming regularly, but no sign yet of debris removal people.

Also, no sign of anyone working at the Belle River recreation site either. I keep hoping to see something there but so far, nada!

The latest bridge closure signs are up at the Belle River bridge. Oct. 20 until Nov. 3, weather permitting. I hope it really takes place this time. I’d like to get it over with.

Maybe this coming event is why the Belle River recreation site contractor isn’t doing anything yet? I was given to believe that he knew about this impending situation.

Belle River residents received flyers in the mail saying that regardless of the bridge closure our mail would be delivered as usual. An admonition was added that the letters of our names on the boxes should be of a certain height and right below the flag so the substitute mail carrier could find us correctly. Aside from a few places that were seriously flooded and prohibited traffic earlier this year, the mail service here has been pretty dependable.

The electric utility trucks seem to be mostly gone but the tree trimmers are still working. Two huge trucks pulled into my yard today, nosed up to my back porch and extended that bucket into the air. I had to leave and three hours later when I returned they were just finishing lunch and as far as I could see only two or three little branches were lopped off. They said thanks and left, so I guess that’s it. I expected some real severe trimming. I spoke to one of the men but he didn’t speak much English and he had a mouth full of tobacco so I’m not sure what he might have said. Nice, polite guys, though.

Linda Cooke

The Teche News’ Lower St. Martin correspondent, Linda Cooke, can be contacted via e-mail at

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