Check counterfeiters strike Crowley

By Howell Dennis


Prominent Crowley businesswoman Donna Corley, owner of Shetler Corley Motors, would like to warn all Crowley business owners about a crime which was committed against her so that it doesn’t happen to them. Recently, several very well-designed checks were cashed by criminals at banks in Louisiana and Texas. The forgeries were done so well that they easily fooled the bank employees that cashed them.

“They even had the watermarks on them,” said Corley.

However, one feature that appears on Corley’s checks was omitted which led to her easily discovering the scam. The Shetler Corley logo that is prominently displayed on their checks was missing. During an interview from her office Wednesday morning, Corley showed a copy of the checks that had been written on her businesses account. The lack of the logo makes the forged checks easily distinguishable.

According to Corley, her’s is the second local business to be victimized by these criminals.

“People need to be careful and check their bank statements closely,” she said. “We write so many checks in a month and our account number is at the bottom of each of those checks and anyone with the technology to do this may be able to pull something like this off.”

Even more frightening is that the people that have been cashing the forged checks have been doing so with valid driver’s licenses.

“A lot of the names on the checks are people out of Texas, probably with false names” Corley said. “I’ve been told that there is a ring operating out there. The bank told me that two of them have been caught but it hasn’t been verified to me.”

In all, Corley had $9,800 written on her account which was reimbursed by her bank. However, she was told that this particular check-cashing ring has cashed checks in excess of $100,000.

“Businesses and the public need to be made aware,” she added. “This could happen to anyone. Especially those who don’t closely monitor their bank statements.”

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