Ci et Ca Avec Belle



After a long and cold winter, our glorious spring has arrived.  It is a delight to be warmer and not to be concerned about frozen pipes, road travel and wearing enough clothes to protect us from the cold.  We, like most of you, love springtime. 

It is amazing that even after the freezes and the ice storms which killed so many plants and flowers, they are beginning to regrow, and to bloom.  Our azaleas and other plants are showing colors and wonderful blossoms popping out bringing beautiful green foliage and glorious colors.  It is a happy time of the year. 

As our city prepared for the Cleanest City contest and hopefully more titles, it was wonderful that the yards looked good as they did before the cold winter.  The city also worked diligently to prepare the flower beds in town and to mow and clean the ditches and park areas.  We were also impressed that Mayor Boudreaux challenged politicians and other civic leaders to get involved by joining together over the weekend to join in the final cleaning of our city. We are anticipating great results for this first stage of the state competition. 

Our city is also preparing for many things that will be occurring with the end of the holy Lenten season and the glorious Easter services.  We love the activities and services for Good Friday as we remember the suffering and sacrifice of our dear Jesus. Then the wonderful Easter morning services bringing it’s message of hope, love and resurrection and the happiness of that special morning. 

Enjoy this wonderful time of the year and celebrate it with your attendance at the church activities with your loved family and friends and knowing that the Blessings from above will be given to all.  Have a wonderful and Happy Easter!



Our beautiful city will host several RV groups during the month of April.  The Cruisin’ Cajuns are expecting 200 participants on 4/3 to 4/6.  The Cajun RV Rally will have over 100 here from 4/8 to 4/11.  The Triangle Camping Squares will be here on 4/30 to 5/4.  The consensus of those who been here before is that Rayne is the best place for their rallies. There are repeat campers who come each year and some even twice or more times during a year. 

Our RV facilities are some of the best anywhere. The Civic Center and other facilities on or near the camp grounds provide a tremendous attraction for them to hold their rallies.  Our city was one of the first to envision this type of facility to attract the RV tourists and to begin this successful program.  Now we see that many other towns, cities and communities have also begun offering RV space for future rallies and activities.  However, our city has many, many fun attractions right here in town!  We have the beautiful murals on the buildings, the wonderful parks, and the creative frogs all over the town.  We also have great places to eat, unusual places to shop like Worthmores, and most of all, the friendliest people anywhere.    It is no wonder that they love holding their rallies here.  Be sure and visit with them whenever you see them.  Many go to our churches on Sunday mornings and are happy to meet our dear citizens. Remember they are guests in our “home” and it is important to make them feel welcome.  

Dear campers, have a great time here in our unique city and please return for more fun things going on around here during the year.



There are many important elections which will be held during the year.  However, there is one that will be held on May 3, 2014 for the 1.5 millage for the programs that assist many people here in Rayne and the community.  The goal of Council on Aging programs is to “feed the needs of the elderly”.  Their vital services include providing transportation service to Lafayette, Jennings, and Opelousas areas for doctor appointments or other medical needs for those unable to get to these vital services.  This program also provides housekeeping services, and lunch meals for disabled, handicapped and medically handicapped due to illnesses.  This millage will also continue the current services provided which include wellness programs, recreation, meals and transportation.  

It is important to know that homes under $75,000 pay no taxes so this millage will not effect them.  It is vital to continue these programs that assist so many people in need. Our area needs this program.  There are many that cannot get to a doctor’s appointment, or have any transportation to get groceries or other needed necessities to survive.  We know personally the importance of these programs and especially the “meals on wheels” that bring food to ill persons .  These programs provide services that assist the elderly and ill persons in our community.  Many persons would suffer greatly without these needed services.  

This Council on Aging millage election is May 3, 2014 and the lack of funding will result in the discontinuation of important services for many needy persons.  For more information about the program please call 337-788-1400.  



We are aware that we write many things that happened in our past.  However, these are memories that bring the past back into our life and the wonderful people that blessed us during that time.  We saw this recently and it eloquently says what we feel. 

“Memories are treasures that time cannot destroy,

 They are the happy pathway to yesterday’s bright joy.”

    Helen Steiner Rice



.....Happy Birthday to our hubby, Frank, who recently celebrated his 93rd birthday.  He has some health issues, but is doing well for his age.  He was in World War II, and enlisted before the draft began.  While looking at him, we are seeing one of very few WWII vets still living.  Our country is losing so many each day and we grieve for their loss since they were the heroes that kept America free and safe.  We owe them much.  Be sure and thank any vet that you see from any service.  They deserve to be honored. 

..... It is great to see Rosalee Mayeux on facebook and to learn of her life at this time.  She is as beautiful as ever with the biggest dimples that give her face a very special and memorable look.  She was in our homeroom at Rayne High and we were impressed with her energy , her many friends and the many, many activities in which she was involved.  A very active member of the student body. she loved doing all of school programs 

 Her mom and dad were long time residents here and were active in business, church and community programs.  Mr. Mayeux assisted coaching the 6 man football team at RHS which won the State Championship in 1945.  He was an avid sportsman and did much for the sports programs in town. Rosalee has been in California for many years and was in movies and TV.  She was on many, many TV commercials and we enjoyed seeing her as we were watching TV. She currently is actively involved in activities that are new and future oriented.  We are certain that her many friends here will be happy to hear from her again. 

.....Belated congratulations to a very special couple on their recent wedding anniversary.  Ray and Kathleen Lantier are a great example of “love and marriage”.  We hope that Ray spoiled you Kat on your special day.  Hope ya’ll will celebrate many more years of happiness together. 

.....Good things are happing in our world around us.  It was heart warming to see little Colin on facebook that wanted a party to celebrate his birthday, but didn’t have any friends.  His mom posted his picture and information on facebook, and he quickly got hundreds of new friends, birthday messages, cards and many offers for his birthday celebration. He was on the Good Morning America program on ABC recently with his parents and many of his new friends for his long awaited birthday party.  His dear little face reflected the happiness he was feeling as friends surrounded him for his celebration.  This is another example that people can be caring and kind! 

.....When reading the Tribune recently, we were impressed with the many honors given to many, many persons here.  From youngsters in school to the businesses, civic club awards, sports, church and Chamber Commerce honors to deserving individuals indicates that we have many talented and hard working citizens in our city.  We would like to list each and every one, however, there are just too many for us to be able to do so.  But, we would like to add our congratulations to each of these honored and for the recognition of having been selected. Everyone including us,  is very proud of each of you! 

.....Be sure and watch the Tribune for the many, many events being held this month.  There is something for everyone and the newspaper will have the publicity to keep you informed on them.

From the St. Leo IV Parish Horseshoe Tournament and Auction on April 6th; the third Annual Rayne Catholic Elementary will host the annual clay shoot on May 10;  the 28th Annual Acadiana Sportsmen’s League Banquet on April 12; the City of Rayne will cosponsor the Easter Eggstravaganza on Saturday, April 5 with fun for our youngsters including Easter egg hunts and pictures with the Easter Bunny; and the Third annual Wheelin’ N Peelin’ on May 10 sponsored by the Rayne Chamber of Commerce.  These are just a few of the many, many fun things that will be going on in the next few weeks.  Our city is filled with fun and active groups that plan and sponsor these wonderful events. 

.....We were sorry to learn of the passing of a friend. Johnny Raymond was one of the Raymond family, long time residents and important business and civic leaders in Rayne.  His family moved to Breaux Bridge where Johnny attended school and his family operated a business there.  Johnny and our brother, Bob, were childhood and school friends that continued through the years.  

Johnny was a business and civic leader in Breaux Bridge and with the health care industry with his St. Agnes Health Care and Rehab Center.  But prior to that, he had a military career that brought him many honors as he joined in World War II, and served in the Korean War and Vietnam.  He retired in 1969 as a Lt. Colonel after receiving many medals and awards for his service.  He was especially honored with awards from the Republic of Korea and the Republic of Vietnam. 

Johnny was a very special man and even though we had not seen him in recent years, we have wonderful memories of the fun times together in our younger years.  We send our deepest sympathy to his wife, Coatney and his dear family.  We will always treasure our memories of him! 

....Our prayers and love are with the family of dear little baby William Hayes Alleman, the 18 month old youngster who drowned recently at his home in Lafayette.  This precious little one was the son of Jake and Katie Alleman and was the twin brother of his little sister, Cece.  Paul and Lucille Foreman of Rayne are his beloved grandparents.  Our hearts go out to the family and we would like to ask that each of you pray for them as they go through this difficult time.  Only through prayers and the support of everyone will they be granted peace with the love surrounding them. I pray that our dear God will be with them as they go through this time of loss and grant them comfort and peace!  We will keep them in our prayers, and love to all.



we want to share this message and its meaning to us personally with you.  It expresses our appreciation for your friendship and assistance to us. 

“A friend is one who STRENGTHENS you with prayers,

  BLESSES you with love and

  ENCOURAGES you with hope!” 

You all have been a Godsend for us and our family, and we thank you for being our friend! We love you.


Until next time ..... Adios, au revior,

auf weidersehen

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