Ci et Ca Avec Belle



Looking at the calendar this month is a rude awaking to the fact that it is that time of the year again.  Sorry to remind you, however, this month marks the beginning of hurricane season!  Many were predicted last year and we were fortunate that the experts did not meet their goal as indicated by their many weather predictors.  No complaints from any of us, and we pray that we will be spared again this year.  

However, it is important that you stock up on the supplies you need in case one of those storms heads our way.  Batteries, water, food, bread, ice, weather radios, and the many things that you require to be without electricity.  Those of you who have generators are ready for that possibility.  Just hope that none will visit us again this year.  If so, and we are without electricity for awhile, you may have an unexpected house guest with an electric oxygen concentrator that needs electric power...But, hopefully you all will  be prepared! 


For many years we watched and enjoyed the Southern University, the “Human Jukebox”, as their wonderful band captured the hearts and minds of us all.  The long-time band director, Issac Greggs, recently passed away at the age of 85.  He served as band director of the Southern band for 36 years before retiring in 2005. Greggs was a 1948 graduate from Southern University, and shared his love for his university, his music and his unique style of marching through the years. He was a beloved icon for his students and fans, and became a living legend in his field of music. 

The band became nationally known while he was director, performing at six Super Bowls, four college Sugar Bowl games, and presidential inaugurations in 1981, 1983 and 1977. We were happy that we were able to see the band perform several times and in parades in Baton Rouge and on television as well as at several concerts.  One could not watch without becoming part of the music and wearing a big smile on happy faces.  They brought lots of happiness to the nation through the years.  

Prof Greggs will be greatly missed, although he lives on in the music and marching styles of the Southern Band.  He left a wonderful legacy for all of his fans and friends, and lives in the hearts of all music and marching lovers.  RIP Director Greggs! You will always be remembered! 


 We were happy to be there many years ago for the Kentucky Derby.  Although we were in school in Indiana some of our classmates decided that we should cut classes that Saturday morning to attend our once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of that famous event. 

We did go to the Derby, got to the track early in the morning. We did not have seats in the stands, so we were in the infield with all the excited and fun loving young people.  None of us had ever even attended a horse race before and here we were at one of the biggest events in racing.  Someone told us that we had to get a paper, a racing form, with pics and odds so that we could make some bets.  Not that easy!  It was like reading a foreign language, so not much help.  Someone had told us to bet on the horse in the third gate since that one space had the largest number of wins through the years.  This was information from a Indiana/Kentucky native that went every year, so he should know.  But, what is that win, place, show stuff.  We all were so lost. We talked to strangers in the betting lines and asked for help and they were happy to assist us. Four clueless women!    

We placed our bet, all $2.00, on the horse in the third gate, and went back to the infield to find a  place to watch the race.  We didn’t know that there were so many races before the big one which was late in the evening. However, there were some nice young people that shared their bench with us right near the finish line.  But, it was a long, long wait.  The young people, students from New York, had been to the Crawfish Festival in Breaux Bridge the year before, so we were like long time friends visiting with them. 

We spent the entire day lost and watching things we did not know or were interested in.  However, we were there when the big race began and the the young students let us stand with them on their bench to watch the finish.  We all were so lost, but did watch the horses cross the finish line.  But, who won?  Was it the one on which we had bet?  No, the students told us after they looked at our ticket.  But, at that point we were too tired to care.  We had gone and been a part of the famous Derby and would have lots to tell the other classmates and family and friends at home.  We were leaving the grounds and one of our group said that we must get a mint julep since that was required when attending the races.  We purchased one to have as we drove back to Terre Haute.  Dumb, dumb us, we didn’t even know what was in the drink.  It tasted like a good and cold lemonade.  Not!  We began feeling sickly and someone walking in back of us informed us what the ingredients were in the drink.  We were sick all the ride back to the dorm and all the next day.  We were even sicker when we went to class on Monday and our professor informed us of the punishment we had since we, four high school teachers, cut classes that Saturday.  

It was a day that filled us with many memories, both good and bad, and we watch the Derby every year remembering that time when four classmates attended their first horse race and were a part of the Derby races, even if we didn’t know what was happening most of the time. 


We have a problem with something that happens on television during the day and evening.  It never fails that when we are away from the television for a short while, there is a phone ring, or a doorbell ring, and we run back to get the phone or answer the door.  But, it is not our phone nor is it our doorbell.  The sounds are coming from advertisements on television with the phone call or door bell sounds as part of the ads.  Since we are out of the room, we rush back because we don’t want to miss a call or miss someone at the door and it is difficult for us and for most people to go through this so many times.  We wish someone would try to get something done to ban those sounds in the ads.  

We just needed to get this gripe out of our system, and am aware that nothing will be done.  We cannot correct the problem.  However, we  know one thing that we can do, and that is not purchase or have any business with those who use those techniques in their ads.  It will not correct the problem, but will make us feel better that we will not support these advertising choices that create problems for the viewers. We feel better already! 


We can all be very proud of the athletes in our area and in our state.  At the college level, LSU tied the school record with 9 football players being drafted.  Others included, Southern University, Louisiana Tech, Tulane who had athletes drafted.  In addition, ULL had five players signed free agent contracts.  As we write this others are entering the pros as free agents, making our state a great place for the pros to find top athletes in our universities. 

These are wonderful opportunities for these young men, however, we pray that the universities have talented personnel to replace these players who are moving on.  It won’t take long to determine if they can fill some very big “shoes”... 

The ULL softball team won the Sun Belt title and earned an automatic berth to the NCAA tournament.  Congratulations to the Lady Cajuns for this prestigious win and good wishes for the national meet. The ULL baseball team, nationally ranked, is also headed to the NCAA College World Series. 

Our LSU Tigers ended their playoff with big wins and was able to get a ranking for the NCAA, and like ULL, will host a NCAA playoff tournament. 

Our outstanding athletic programs and players are very evident at the local level.  The Tribune has included pictures and write ups of the players who were selected as outstanding in their classification, and results of the playoff games are included.  We are very proud of all of these young men and women who work hard to be good athletes as well as good students in their school work.  Great job and we all appreciate you! 

We are very impressed with the number of young men and women for their scholastic achievements.  Many are receiving grants and scholarships at graduation to assist them in their college plans. Our schools are doing an excellent job in providing the education these young people need for successful futures.  Congratulations to you all! 

These honors and awards make us appreciate our home town and the many great achievements of our young people and the members of the civic organizations that do much to help others. 


It appears that our news on television, radio and newspapers have many negative stories and crime happenings. It is depressing to hear or read about them.  For that reason, we are going to try to highlight some good things that are happening to people and inspirational things occurring that should be headlined.  

Good Happenings = Good Feelings = INSPIRATION!!!  

........Warrick Dunn, professional football player from Baton Rouge has given back much through the years to the community in memory of his dear mother, Betty Smothers, a Baton Rouge policewoman who was shot and killed  in 1993 while working an off duty security job.  Her death left Warrick, a  Catholic High school student and outstanding athlete at that time to care for his younger brothers.  This was accomplished with help from family, friends and community, while Warrick went on to have a successful football career with the Florida State football team, and then drafted and played and still is successfully playing pro football. Warrick earned a master’s degree in business and is known for his good works through his Warrick Dunn Charities.  

He has donated homes for homeless or needy families, especially to single moms rearing a family, and many other programs for the community.  He has established a program called “Betty’s Hope” that sponsors many activities to assist families with needs in Baton Rouge in memory of his mother. “Hope” is the message he gives to those in need!  

Warrick is an athlete that has focused on family, and his career. He has never been involved in anything that would bring negative things and disgrace to him, his teammates or his family.  He certainly is a role model for the younger athletes and students who see possibilities for them because Warrick could accomplish great things even with a tragic young life. 

Proud of you Warrick and hope that your work will continue to help  many in need in your hometown and continue to honor your dear mom.  You are and have been an outstanding role model for young people through the years.  Your mom would be and is so proud of you! 

..........Hunter Hayes is another local icon.  He is from Breaux Bridge and has had a successful musical career which began for him at an early age of 2 or 3.  A country music star and muti-Grammy nominee, as well as a winner of awards from national music groups, Hunter recently broke the Guinness World Records record for the most concerts played in multiple cities in the span of 24 hours.  This was not done to receive recognition for him or his career.  It was done to have a “24 Hour Road Race to End Child Hunger”. 

Hunter, unlike other teen stars, is devoted to his music and to helping others, instead of getting into trouble to get his name in the news.  He has performed more than 500 shows since 2011 and his albums have sold more than a million copies yielding three consecutive No. 1 singles and total sales of more than 8 million singles.  Quite a record for this deserving young man.  Hunter recently gave a concert in Breaux Bridge for family and friends that have supported him through the years. 

Hunter contributes much to programs and activities that help needy and especially the children.  He is very concerned over child hunger and highlights the need for help for them. Wonderful to have Hunter as a role model for all young people! 

.........Bill Hamilton and family of Baton Rouge, the son of Dot and Charles Hamilton of Rayne, hold a plant sale at his home each year.  Bill and his wife, Diane grow the plants in their yard and prepare them for the sale.  Bill, a cancer warrior, donates all the funds from the sale which amounted to almost $3,000 this year to the American Cancer Society.  In this way, the family can give back some of the help that the Cancer Society does for those suffering from cancer, and for those in remission.  

We have worried with Bill’s parents as he progressed through treatments and surgery and feel that this is a wonderful way to repay for all the assistance he has received.  We are very proud of him and Diane for this wonderful event and for his progress with his treatment.  God bless you all. 

..........Great news of the passage of two tax renewals recently.  The first was dedicated to funding services for the elderly.  This program, Council on Aging, gives various needed services as it provides for transportation for the elderly, centers for senior citizens, and the much needed meals on wheels.  We know first hand of the importance of these programs since we receive needed services from them.  Many elderly citizens, including family and friends of yours, have their lives made simpler with the programs and services they provide.  We thank you for supporting this renewal. 

The second renewal that was passed was for the operation and maintenance of the Acadia Parish Library system.  This is another important program that we all enjoy and take advance of their activities and services. 

We are very proud of our voters who chose to renew the taxes for these important programs

and are pleased to know that our citizens will be served in these important areas.  Thanks to you all! 

..........A very special thing happened this past weekend and make us very proud of our Saints football program.  Coach Sean Payton presented Devon Walker with an official contract to be a New Orleans Saint.  What is so special about this?  It is wonderful when you know that Devon was a Tulane football team player who was hurt in one of their games and suffered a broken neck and is paralyized from the neck down. It is true that Devon can contribute much to the Saints and we are happy that coach, coaches, management,  and players reached this decision to utilize Devon’s expertise, his inspiration for others and his skill in playing the game.  Way to go Saints and this is another reason to love our our New Orleans Saints.  Geaux Devon!  

..........Congratulations to Haley Comeaux who received the 2014 Beta Sigma Phi Sorority Myrta Fair Craig Scholarship.  We are very proud of Haley for her selection.  We are also very appreciative of the lovely ladies of the Sorority who did much for our mom through the years and especially during her last years.  She loved each of her “girls” and the work of the sorority and was very proud to serve as Social Director for this special group!  Thank you dear ladies for remembering her in such a special way!  Love to you all!


We were aware of the illness of T. J. Fontenot, but was very sorry to hear of his passing.  He was from Gueydan, and his late wife was Gayle Andrus of Rayne.  They were a little older than us, but friends with our older brother, Jim. Gayle lived down the street from us and was the best friend of our first cousin, Barbara Smith Moceri, and there were many occasions that we got to know and appreciate T.J.  He was a very special man, a successful business man, community leader, banker, agricultural leader, and World War II vet. He and Gayle were always welcomed visitors to Rayne with their family and their many friends here.

R.I.P. T.J. and am certain that your and dear Gayle will be reunited in your Heavenly home.  God bless you and your precious family.  You will be missed by many! 

In Closing....

We hope that your summer vacation will be a fun and happy one.  Enjoy it and the opportunity to

make lots of memories with family and friends. We would like to share this thought with you for now and always: 

“Always PRAY to have eyes that see the best in people,

A HEART that forgives the worst,

A MIND that forget the bad,

And a SOUL that never loses faith in God!

Author Unknown


Until Next Time...................Adios,

au revior, auf weidersehen

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