CPD's website adds CrimeReports

By: Jeannine LeJeune
CROWLEY – The Crowley Police Department’s website continues to add new features to help keep the citizens of Crowley informed.

Recently, the website added the CrimeReports widget to their website, which allows anyone to click on the small map on the Crowley Police’s website (crowleypolice.com) and see some of the crimes currently being investigated by police.

The user can also click on the “Full View” option of the map to see other options including seeing sex offenders in the area.

The map allows the user to see crimes reported in the last three days, seven days, 14 days or 30 days. It also features numerous crimes noted by a small icon. The following are the possible crimes and emergencies that can be seen via the CrimeReports’ map and their corresponding icon:

B - breaking and entering.

H - homicide.

R - robbery.

T - theft.

V - theft of vehicle.

TV - theft from vehicle.

VR - vehicle recovery.

S - sexual offense, which includes sexual assault and other sexual offenses.

A - assault, including assault and assault with a deadly weapon.

P - property crime, commercial and residential crimes.

O - other. The other category includes alarm, arson, death, family offense, kidnapping, missing person, weapons offense and other.

Q - quality of life, including liquor, drugs and disorder incidents.

A car - traffic incidents.

A flame - fires.

A red cross - emergencies.

PP - proactive policing, which includes community policing, pedestrian stop and vehicle stops.

Double boxes - multiple incidents have occurred at a singular residence, i.e. a theft and breaking and entering at the same location.

Clicking on an icon will cause a pop up window to appear with information on the incident.

The map tools portion of the map also gives the user the choice of what kinds of incidents he/she wants to see, as well as if he/she wants to see the sex offenders in the area.

The crime details portion of the widget provides users the opportunity to also see what crimes are happening most often through the trends portion.

The user can also create a “neighborhood” to focus more on what is happening closer to where he/she lives. The feature is currently experiencing high traffic, thus the neighborhood building has been placed on hold, but CrimeReports plans on bringing it back soon. You can enter your e-mail address to learn when the feature is back up and running.

CrimeReports itself is in its beta stages, which means the software is still being tested for crashes, i.e. the neighborhood feature, bugs, errors and any other problems.

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