Facebook helping people remember their hometowns, high schools

By: Jeannine LeJeune
ACADIA PARISH – A visit to any Facebook news feed in the area probably means multiple posts from friends to a hometown or high school page designed to relive many memories.

Private groups and public pages have popped up on Facebook recently designed to allow high school graduates as well as current and former residents of local cities, towns and villages remember the places they grew up.

As the fad continues to grow more and more pages and groups continue to be created on the popular social networking website.

Crowley residents and graduates have set up an open group to share memories of their city and a private group for Crowley High graduates has also been created.

The “Remember in Crowley” group has seen memories of school crossing guards, the Rice Theatre as an actual movie theatre, the old skating rink and many, many more.

The closed group of “If you went to Crowley High School, or taught, there, you remember..” group is designed to let alumni and former teachers remember the “glory days” of the “good ‘ol Green and Gold!” The group suggests that current students need not apply.

Crowley isn’t the only one to have gotten into the act, however as Egan, Morse, Midland and Mermentau residents and Midland High graduates have felt the need to reflect as well.

Egan’s page “You know you grew up in Egan if.” has provided some interesting memories as well.

Cassie Miller Morgan remembered the hearing stories about how Egan’s name came to be.

“... The community was once called “Regan” and Satch & Freddie got drunk one night and one of them shot the ‘R’ off the sign,” she posted.

Jason Husers recalled how Egan residents have referred to the Egan Food Store as the Egan Wal-Mart.

Morse’s “You know you grew up in Morse if” page has given current and former residents the opportunity to remember the village’s bomb shelter, stopping at TB’s for slush puppies and the teachers of Morse Elementary.

Not to be outdone, Mermentau’s “You know you grew up in Mermentau if” page has been set up and the memories have been pouring in.

Lisa Lopez Mouton remembered the snack recess at Mermentau Elementary that featured, for many, the “awesome slush puppies.”

Ashley Guidry, meanwhile, remembered “Mr. Smith (principal at Mermentau Elementary) getting Ali Landry to write the student body a letter on a barf bag during a plane ride.” As Ashley later commented, the letter would appear in Mermentau Elementary’s first yearbook.

Midland’s “You know you grew up in Midland if” page has provided some entertaining memories as well. Current and former residents recall driving over “the hills,” pretending the metal poles outside of the church hall were tight ropes or balance beams, French dances every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and more.

The “You know you went to Midland High School if:” page has been keeping participants and viewers interested as well.

Former students remember attempting to convince fourth hour teachers to let them get a jump start to lunch time in order to “beat all the freshman” as well as many stories of current and former teachers at the school.

These pages and groups, and the others that will likely continue to appear on Facebook can be found just by searching the names on the website. Any person with a Crowley, Midland, Mermentau, Morse or Egan memory is invited to share them via Facebook.

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