Goldsby, Trabona and Perrilloux return in office

The results are in and many re-capture office. Voting precincts filled Saturday, October 4 for the many different elections being held. Amite, Roseland and the Village of Tangipahoa all had council, mayoral and police chief elections. The parish had many judges and the election for district attorney and various constables.

According to unofficial election results provided by the Tangipahoa Parish Clerk of Courts Office and the Louisiana Secretary of State with all precincts reports in:

In the U.S. Representative 1st Congressional District race Jim Harlan won over M. V. "Vinny" Mendoza with 70.98 % (9,891 votes) to 29.02% (4,044 votes) for Tangipahoa Parish. Harlan received 72.66% (37,878 votes) across the state and Mendoza received 27.34% (14,252 votes). Harlan and Congressman Steve Scalise will now face each other in election on November 4.

In the Associate Justice Supreme Court 1st Supreme Court District "Jimmy" Kuhn and Greg Guidry will face each other in a run-off. Kuhn received 52.04% (11,527 votes), Guidry 19.83% (4,392 votes) and Belsome received 28.13% (6,232 votes) in the parish election. According to results from the state, Guidry received 41.48% (45,354 votes), Kuhn received 30.08% (32,890 votes) and Belsome received 28.45% (31,107 votes).

In the race for Public Service Commissioner for District 1 the parish reported John F. Schwegmann and Eric Skrmetta will be in a run-off. Official results for parish report Schwegmann with 37.65% (7,696 votes), Skrmetta with 22.55% (4,610 votes), Kenneth L. Odinet Sr. with 22.40% (4,579 votes) and Bruce C. Kincade with 17.40% (3,558 votes). In the state Schwegmann received 41.75% (61,711 votes), Skrmetta received 23.14% (34,206 votes), Odinet received 22.64% (33,470 votes) and Kincade received 12.47% (18,440 votes).

In the race for District Judge of 21st Judicial District Court Division A Wayne Ray Chutz will return to his seat with 57.34% (11,737 votes) against is opposition Michael Betts who received 42.66% (8,731 votes).

A run-off will be held between Blair Edwards and Glenn Westmoreland for District Judge for 21st Judicial District Court Division I. Official results show Edwards with 33.09% (15,652 votes) Westmoreland with 30.14% (14,255 votes) Cassandra Bulter with 21.96 % (10,387 votes) and Rodney N. Erdey with 14.82% (7,008 votes).

Scott Perrilloux will remain in office as District Attorney with 51% (24,624 votes). Opponent Sherman Mack received 37% (17,689 votes) and Vanessa Williams received 12% (5,674 votes).

Justice of the Peace for Ward 3 went to Tonya P. Mabry with 64.95% (1,931 votes). Brenda D. Miller received 35.05% (1,042 votes).

Justice of the Peace Ward 5 went to "Debbie" Brunett with 64.86% (1,244 votes). Edwin "Eddie" Puls received 35.14% (674 votes).

In the race for Constable of Justice of the Peace for Ward 1 there will be a run-off on November 4 between Quentin D. Hookfin who received 34% (425 votes) and Lemmie Chapman II who received 31.28% (391 votes). Opponents Brad Bridges received 28.16% (352 votes) and "Big John" Williams received 6.56% (82 votes).

In the election for Amite City Mayor Reggie Goldsby will return with 58.68% (882 votes) over opponent Charles "Boo" Christmas with 41.32% (621 votes).

In the race for Mayor of the Village of Tangipahoa there will be a run-off between Micheal Jackson with 47.02% (134 votes) and Darrell Martin with 34.39% (98 votes). Brenda V. Nevels came in last with 18.60% (53 votes).

Jerry Trabona will remain as Amite City Police Chief sweeping in 77.47% (1,152 votes) over opponent Robert L. "Bobby" Phares 22.53% (335 votes).

In Roseland there will be a run-off between "Donnie" Hammons 39.82% (178 votes) and Roy D. Burton Sr. 30.87% (138 votes). Darcey N. Garrett received 16.11% (72 votes) and Michael Lambert received 13.20% (59 votes).

Richard F. Banks will return as Chief of Police in the Village of Tangipahoa with 61.62% (175 votes) over Ray Henry with 38.38% (109 votes).

In the race for aldermen for the Town of Roseland five were to be selected out of six. The votes read Sandra W. Turner at 21.40% (300 votes), Yvette Brooks 18.69% (262 votes), Van L. Showers 17.40% (244 votes), Ruthie L. Vernon 16.76% (235 votes)Jerrol W. Jones 15.41% (216 votes) and coming in last Jonathan C. Pierce 10.34% (145 votes).

In the race for council members for the Village of Tangipahoa the public was asked to choose three out of the four running for office. The votes read Eddie Myers with 38.50% (206 votes), Mona Mary Downs 22.24% (119 votes), Dawn Gray 21.31% (114 votes) and Ricky L. Coleman coming in last with 17.94% (96 votes).

In Amite City Council Member election for District 1 Walter Daniels III will return to office with 50.77% (165 votes). He opponents Emanuel Zanders III received 31.08% (101 votes), Authur S. "Buster" Leonard Jr. received 12% (39 votes) and Burnice Brumfield received 6.15% (20 votes).

In the Amite City Council member election for District 2 there will be a run-off between Jonathan Foster with 45.34% (112 votes) and Walter "PeeWee" Wren III with 27.94% (69 votes). Shelia Addison received 26.72% (66 votes).

In the Amite City Council member election for District 3 Mark D. Vining beat out Johnny "Nick" Duncan with 63.71% (165 votes) over 36.29% (94 votes).

In the Amite City Council member election for District 4 "Neil" Currier beat H. L. "Buddy" Till with 54.11% (204 votes) over 45.89% (173 votes).

All run-off elections will be held Tuesday, November 4 alongside the Presidential election.

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