Help for St Martin Parish Residents with Roof Damages

St Martin Parish Officials and the US Army Corps of Engineers want to announce that Operation BLUE ROOF continues in St Martin Parish. The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has their Right of Entry Collection Sight at the Parks Fire Department, 1011 Martin Street, Parks, LA 70582 and are taking applications and completing Right of Entry (ROE) Forms for the program.

St Martin Parish residents are able to go to the Parks Fire Department to file applications for assistance in receiving temporary roof repairs at no charge to the owner. The hours of operation are 9:00 AM – 6:30 PM daily until further notice.

A site is in the process of being set up for residents of Lower St Martin in the Belle River and Stephensville areas. When plans are finalized the location and times of that site will be announced.

The program is open to those who qualify, as follows:

· Have a photo ID such as driver’s license or proof of residency at the location.

· Know the kind of roof you have. Structures with flat roofs and tile roofs consisting of clay, slate or asbestos (transite) do not qualify. Mobile homes and roofs consisting of metal will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

· The roof must have less than fifty percent structural damage to be eligible for the program.

· The structure must be assessed as habitable once the blue roof is installed.

· All debris must be removed from the roof for it to qualify and the area to be covered must be structurally sound for a crew to work on.

· In order to have plastic sheeting placed on their roofs, homeowners must complete a right of entry form to allow government and contractor employees on their property. Right of Entry (ROE) centers are manned by Corps of Engineers employees.

· The Corps is covering roofs in the hardest hit parishes first. Be patient. The Corps will respond to every person who has completed a ROE as rapidly as possible.

· In some instances, there may be a slowdown in installing plastic sheeting because of a national shortage.

· The plastic covering and the tarps are temporary fixes designed to provide protection from the elements until the homeowner can make permanent repairs with a qualified professional.

· Residents may call 1-888-766-3258 for more information.

The BLUE ROOF program is provided by FEMA through the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in all parishes that have been declared by FEMA for the Individual Assistance program. St Martin Parish has been declared for this program. The FEMA-assigned “blue-roof” mission provides temporary roof repairs to help families return to the daily routine and homes.

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