Independence Chamber of Commerce volunteer charged

When preparing their monthly financial reporting, Independence Chamber President Rhonda Crocker found a troubling discrepancy which led to a chamber volunteer being investigated.

"Upon doing our accounting, we found discrepencies. I found out a Wednesday that something was wrong. I found out while going through our usual analysis of our credit card and bank statements which is required of us to account for every expense. Every expense requires a receipt to account for that expense. Our Quarter Financial Record Review in which we have to have everything accounted for was coming up, and I found a charge on our March statement that did not match up; it had no matching receipt. We try to operate by United States Chamber of Commerce Standards of Accountability which requires that every expense be accounted for by having each expense needing a matching receipt," said Chamber President Rhonda Crocker. "Each purchase must have a receipt. After noticing that first item had no receipt with it and noticing that this charge was at Walmart, I called Walmart and asked for a proof of signature which they supplied, and they supplied that and a video tape and still picture documenting who had made the purchases."          

Each register has a video camera which can also supply still shots. These security cameras film each and every item being scanned and the person who signs the receipt which the store keeps for their records. In addition to security cameras at each checkout, there are also cameras filming throughout the store as well as at the doors filming each person who enters and who exits.

"A volunteer Janet Kyzar got hold of the credit card charging items on it. She was put in the parish jail for a while. Then, she made bond and returned some items that belonged to the Chamber like her uniform shirt," said Police Chief Anthony Maurer. "There were seven separate charges at Walmart on the Chamber's card for a little over $500. She was charged with unauthorized use of a credit card, and she's now out on bond."

"Basically I want people to know don't mess with the Chamber ladies. Don't do that to us when we are trying to build up the town," Crocker said. "Ms. Kyzar decided to take our credit card to Walmart. There was evidence of seven different shopping trips," Crocker added. "She did an awesome job of rasing money for the Chamber. The worst part is we took her in, and if she needed anything, all she had to do was ask. She confessed. We had all of the proof."

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