Jurors discuss airport

By Paul Kedinger


CROWLEY – Members of the Acadia Parish Police Jury spent over one hour Tuesday night getting familiar with the operation of LeGros Memorial Airport in the first official meeting since abolishing the Airport District and its Commission.

In the first official act, the committee composed of jurors and citizens elected Juror Cade Benoit as committee chairman. Benoit took the lead role in calling for the dismantling of the airport district because all important issues required Jury action.

Secretary-Treasurer Terry Lacombe issued a report that touched on the need to continue cutting grass, running a water line, repairing sewer lines, while determining the status of lease agreements and future drainage work which could be funded up to $1 million.

Scott Schumacher gave a detailed history of the airport’s development and urged the committee to realize the value of an airport to the parish.

Schumacher stunned jurors with the revelation that the airport has hosted an outstanding aerobatics contest every April.

The committee will recommend that two police jurors and a staff member be sent to a FAA Partnership and training conference in March.

Jurors also offered to promote the aerobatics competition.

The members of the Building and Grounds Committee recommended the full Jury cancel its contract with C&J Commercial Cleaning.

Though Juror Alton Stevenson saw “no problem” with the service, Juror Felton “Tony” Moreau moved to return cleaning duties to the regular courthouse workers.

Committee chairman John Quebodeaux commented that he initially suggested the commercial service as a way to save money and improve service. “I don ‘think we’ve saved any money,” said Quebodeaux as he seconded Moreau’s motion

Registrar of Voters Billie Meyer and an electrician reported that it would cost $23,000 to build a completely new electrical system to convert the courthouse annex building into new headquarters for the Registrar of Voters office.

The electrician explained that a second electrical panel would be required to serve the office’s computers and other electronic equipment.

The registrar noted that outdated electrical, telephone and water lines have been removed from the building once used by the Sheriff’s Department.

The committee also will recommend to the full Jury that Secretary-Treasurer Terry Lacombe solicit professional service bids to pressure wash and repaint the exterior of the courthouse.

Jurors learned that cost of the parish’s vehicle insurance premium remains basically unchanged from last year’s costs. Nancy Pratt, representing the Jury’s Risk Services, suggested jurors past a resolution to limit coverage for uninsured motorists to $100.000.

Jurors agreed to provide public service announcements on tax renewals for the maintenance of the parish’s multi-purpose building (Rice Arena) and the operation of the public health units. Both propositions are for 2.12 mills over a period. Voters will be asked to cast their ballots on Saturday, April 4.

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