Kaplan Baptist Church welcomes new pastor Sowers

Loyd Sowers is the newest pastor in Kaplan.

Special to the Meridional

KAPLAN - Loyd Sowers has recently become the pastor of the Kaplan Baptist Church in Kaplan.

During his 49 years of pastoral and evangelistic ministry (since high school days), he has introduced thousands of people to Christ through his radio, pulpit, personal witnessing, and book-writing ministries.

Pastor Sowers said, “I try my best to communicate Christ’s love, mercy, and forgiveness as well as my compassion to people. Only the Lord Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit and His Divine Word can produce a change in people and their life-styles. When I put out my compassionate hand to clasp the hand of a less fortunate person, then I am being like Christ.”

Pastor Sower is recently retired educator, minister of the Gospel, has worked as a frequent chapel speaker, officer, case manager (counselor), and instructor in a prison housing approximately 2,500 inmates.

Pastor Sowers continued, “I walked miles through the rugged mountains of North Luzon Island in the Philippines doing crusade work, and I did the same in Mexico.

“During this past two years, I went weekly from compound to compound in one of Louisiana prison systems talking to inmates and providing Bible studies.

I exposed hundreds of inmates to the Gospel of Christ which literally changed their attitudes and behaviors. The Worship Services in the Chapel were anointed by the Holy Spirit, and those new Christians were hungry for the Word of God to be taught. All Christians need to be aggressive and faithful in sharing the good news of the Gospel to people.

“I enjoy pastoring a church that is aggressive in its effort to DO Christian service--not just talk about loving people. I certainly am aware of how Jesus loved everyone then and even now, and how proper love in our homes and churches can produce worthwhile citizens, and a Christ-like love of our neighbor can produce productive Christians in our churches.”

Pastor Sowers has taught several subjects in inter-city schools and in schools located in small towns and in an educational system existing behind prison wire covered with razor blades.

Whether in the classroom teaching students on all levels--elementary, junior or high school, or on the college level for the past 35 years--or while pasturing a church, people reach out to God through this “country-boy” farmer who owns and operates the Sweet Tart Farms in North Louisiana.

“I lived in a log house, plowed mules, drove a wagon, milked cows, slopped hogs and did whatever needed to be done on our North Louisiana farm during my early years,” said Sowers.

“I made my nickels and dimes by caring for my family’s cows, hogs, and chickens--and by plowing a neighbor’s field and by picking cotton. I am the last of eleven children born to parents who loved God. I am very thankful for my humble, Christian upbringing in a family that loved God, church, and country. We worked hard from daylight to dark. To be able to work was a priviledge. Love for others was taught and caught in that rustic log house. Loving people, plants, and animals was bred into me. Becoming a Christian when I was about 10 years old, put me in touch with a divine power that has kept me serving my Lord.”

He, and his wife,Linda have clothed, fed, and provided housing and jobs for troubled juveniles for several years. When fresh out of high school, he worked in a juvenile institution in Louisiana to help pay his tuition to college.

Brother Sowers added, “For the first several years, I refused help from anyone and government to help pay my way through college. My wife and I worked at extra jobs to pay our way. Eventually, we attended Oklahoma Baptist University with the assistence of the GI Bill.

“We attended both secular and religious institutions until I received three university degrees in English education, social studies, Bible, and in Administration and Curriculum (Principalship).

Both Mrs. and Pastor Sowers are Vietnam veterans. Both have served the country while in the U. S. Air Force.

Pastor Sowers concluded by saying, “Behind every successful man there is a loving, supportative, Christ-loving wife offering encouragement and help for her mate.

“My wife, Linda Sowers, has been that and more to me. She has touched lives in churches and schools in an unbelievable way. She gave 30 years of her life to teaching students on both elementary and junior high levels. To know her is to love her. I have been married to this beautiful lady since December 1965.”

Pastor and Mrs. Sowers have used their farm over the years for those needing a time of retreat from the stresses of hectic living. Walking trails are provided for those wanting to exercise and be alone with the Lord. Miles of dirt roads appeal to those with 4-Wheelers. Hunters have enjoyed the woods for hunting squirrel and deer. Their farm is located on a breathtaking, beautiful wooded area in North Louisiana a short distance from Caney Lake.

You are only a visit away from a new beginning with God when you attend worship at Kaplan Baptist Church where the Bible is taught and people are loved. Please make this a matter of prayer. If you are looking for a church home, then you should become a part of the Kaplan Baptist Church family.

Pastor Sowers may be contacted at his home phone 643-7971 or his cell phone: 337-772-8095.

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