L.A.H.S. Pride and Spirit Band just great!

By Mike Rizzuto

Sun Times Editor

Today, we’ll take a break from the normal humor dispensed in this column to congratulate some of the very special students in our prosperous little community, namely the members of the Lake Arthur High School Band.

If you attend any Lake Arthur sporting events, then you already know how dedicated these students are. But if you haven’t gone to a game lately, then you are really missing some great entertainment from some talented individuals.

Take, for example, what happened at the gym last Friday against the Welsh Greyhounds and Lady Hounds, who have a fine tradition of their own, too. Our Lake Arthur High School cheerleaders were yelling as I entered the gym during the junior varsity game, egging on our youngsters against their old rivals. But things got a lot louder just moments later when the Pride and Spirit Band cranked things up!

These band students don’t get near the credit that they deserve, and it’s hard to convey through a column such as this one just how much a difference they make when they show up and play. What I can say for sure is that they made a whale of a difference Friday evening. In fact, I don’t think Lake Arthur would have swept both Welsh teams had the band not been there to provide the added “juice” our teams needed to win.

Their renditions of the Lake Arthur favorite “Eye of the Tiger” really kept the crowd inspired, as well as the players. Equally pleasing was their performances of the old 1960’s Temptations’ hit, “My Girl,” which had many persons of all ages tapping their feet, dancing around, and singing in unison.

A large group of high school students sitting next to the Pride and Spirit Band seemed to having the time of their life during the games, thanks to the music of the band. While they were loud, vociferous and spirited, they were never rude, crude or insulting. Their behavior was what one would want to see at a boisterous high school athletic event.

As an old geezer, I have often opined that athletic events aren’t what they were way back in the 1950s and 1960s. Face it. There wasn’t too much to do back then, so people of all walks of life attended basketball games regularly and made a whole lot of noise. During my senior year, even a group of nuns attended each game and shattered vows of silence.

So it was like a trip backwards in time for me this past Friday evening. Lots of cheering, lots of noise, and lots of happy fans when both the Lady Tigers and Tigers pulled out important District 5-2A wins over quality opponents.

I sure hope this continues as the season progresses into the playoffs. It makes for a whole lot of fun for everyone associated with the games, and these young musicians deserve all the praise we can give them for their fine contributions.

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