Letters - October 23

Fontenot thanks all those involved in Rosary Rally

Dear Editor,

A word of thanks to all who were involved in the October 11, Rosary Rally. Our Lady told us at Fatima we need to say a daily rosary. It gives God glory when we ask for the prayers of our Blessed Mother. God governs the world, but prayer governs God. We need your help. Please pray daily.

Elizabeth Fontenot

Writer pens ‘Under God?’

Dear Editor,

My name is Nicole Schmidt and I will be 17 years old, three days after election day. Though I am not yet able to vote, I would sincerely like to do my part in promoting what I believe is morally just and right. So, I was hoping that you would put my short paragraph entitled “Under God?” in your paper. It is up to this next generation to run our awesome country, and I believe everyone should know where we stand. Please, I would really appreciate your cooperation in this mission of mine. Thank you so very much for your time and God Bless.


Nicole Schmidt

Under God?

It is vital that Christian voters vote for a presidential candidate that represents the values of Jesus Christ. If we do not vote for the candidate that has true Christian morals, we are sinning and promoting evil! Under a liberal president, the foundation of our country will collapse. The rights that the early Americans fought and died for could be lessened. Also, the family, which is based on the unity of the Holy Trinity itself, will be weakened. The devil will mock the family with his malformed and disfigured version, gay marriage. Most importantly, the murder of beautiful, innocent little babies will continue to flourish. Abortion is by far the greatest evil in our world today. These evils cannot exist in a country that is “under God.” We can either give up evil or give up God. It is our duty to vote for the candidate that stands for what is right. This election day, America must choose God or accept the consequences of evil!

Acadia Parish Today

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