March 15, 2009


February 10, 2009

THE MAYOR AND BOARD OF ALDERMEN AND ALDERWOMEN, THE GOVERNING AUTHORITY OF THE CITY OF EUNICE, PARISH OF ST. LANDRY/ACADIA, STATE OF LOUISIANA, met in regular session on Tuesday, February 10, 2009 at six-thirty (6:30) o’clock p.m., at their regular meeting place, the Eunice City Hall.

There were present: Honorable Mayor Robert A. Morris, Alderman at Large Jack Burson, Alderwoman Marguerite Fruge- Simpson, Alderwoman Chawana Fontenot and Alderman Dale Soileau.

There were absent: Alderman Wallace Bourque, Jr.

The Mayor announced that a quorum was present and ready to transact business.

Two public comment cards were presented. One was by Clifton Clause regarding the Unity Village Subdivision. He is a resident of the Amie Subdivision. Mr. Clause gave a brief statement regarding the consensus from neighbors and friends that no changes be made to subdivision. The other public comment card is to be handled during Condemnation Hearing.

It was moved by Ms. Fontenot, seconded by Mr. Soileau and carried, to adopt the minutes listed below as they have been printed and previously distributed to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen and Alderwomen.

Regular Meeting – January 13, 2009

Mr. Gary Bult, City Code Enforcement Officer, and Mr. Vernon McManus, Legal Counsel, addressed the properties brought before the Council for Condemnation Hearing.

Mr. McManus brought 450 Eisenhower before the Council. The potential buyer of the property, Carl Bertrand, gave a brief statement regarding his intentions with property.

It was motioned by Mr. Burson, with a second by Ms. Fontenot and carried, to allow a 60 day extension on 450 Eisenhower to allow title work to be completed for sale.

Mr. McManus brought forth 500 Halsey Street. The owner of the property, Ms. Jason, was present and appealed to the Council for time to complete repairs/improvements. After discussion by Ms. Fontenot, Mayor Morris, Mr. Bult and Mr. McManus, it was asked by Mr. McManus to allow her time to complete if a competent reliable contractor could be utilized.

It was motioned by Mr. Burson, with a second by Ms. Fontenot and carried, that 500 Halsey Street be sent for condemnation, with a 10 day stay of condemnation, to allow her to get a signed contract with start and end date from a reliable contractor. Also subject to start within 20 days. All subject to approval by Mr. Bult.

Mr. Bult brought forward the carwash on West Maple Avenue for Notice to Show Cause. Mr. McManus read a letter from owner of property stating that it is now involved in bankruptcy. Per Mr. McManus, if property is in BK status, we must cease all activity in regards to such. Mr. McManus will check status of bankruptcy filing.

Mr. McManus also brought forward the properties at 501 and 511 South Mallet Street for Notice to Show Cause. Pictures were provided by Mr. Bult.

It was motioned by Mr. Burson, with second by Ms. Fontenot and carried, to send a Notice to Show Cause on 501 and 511 South Mallet Street.

Mayor Morris thanked Mr. Gardie McManus for working with Solid Waste Commission to get a gravel truck for the city of Eunice.

Mayor Morris also thanked Mr. Jim Butler for article in newspaper dated 02/08/09 regarding city budget.

Mayor Morris addressed Council and assembly regarding the Cleanest City Contest. Mayor Morris asked for assistance from city with planting flowers, posters and other needs.

Mayor Morris gave handouts to City Council regarding update on Waste Water Treatment Plant. One handout was the Quarterly Report done in reference to all updates and repairs made to plant. The other handout was a 16 point reference to all work done and others needing to be done on lift stations. Mayor Morris commented that Mr. Michael Guillory at Waste Water Treatment Plant is on top of all being done.

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Mayor Morris addressed next item on agenda for Unity Village Subdivision. Reverend Gatling turned the presentation over to engineering firm for update and further information. Mr. Kenny Boagni from engineering firm went over what they are looking for. They are looking for guidelines on how to proceed and prelim approval on what has been done so far. Mr. Boagni then handed out to the Council a revised plat showing new entrance to subdivision from Ellis to Maple. Ms. Simpson asked a question regarding if any fees had been collected before ROW is abandoned?— Mr. Boagni-our position shows—Ms. Simpson-I know, I know…my question is, has any money been collected before we give up ROW? --- Mr. Boagni-something like that ….. Ms. Simpson asked about a $25 fee being collected. Ms. Simpson stated that some citizens made mention of a $25 application fee that they paid. No comment was made to clarify this question. Mr. Boagni then said that no money can be collected until the approval has been given by Council. Mr. Burson made a motion to deny abandoning the ROW for this subdivision. He then went on to explain his reasoning for this motion in great detail. As in this subdivision is a R1 subdivision, but it doesn’t conform to R1 regulations. Also drainage problems and traffic issues would exist.

A motion was made by Mr. Burson, with a second by Ms. Simpson and carried, to deny abandoning ROW and also to deny approval of subdivision plats that were submitted.

Mayor Morris spoke to Natural Gas purchases. Mayor Morris asked Mr. Burson if we could purchase gas from pipeline. Mr. Burson said that the Mayor of Iota also asked but made alternate arrangements to his complete satisfaction. The City of Eunice asked for a proposal but no headway has even been made. Mayor Morris will make an attempt to inquire.

Mayor Morris announced the specifics of the Boucherie.

Ms. Simpson asked the Council to adopt an ordinance to reduce the speed limit from 25 to 15 miles per hour from East Maple Avenue to Mayer Street.

Motion was made by Ms. Simpson, with second by Ms. Fontenot and carried, to adopt ordinance.

Ms. Simpson asked for resolution to DOTD on sidewalks from intersection of Hwy 190 and MLK, going south to Faris.

Motion made by Ms. Simpson, with second by Ms. Fontenot and carried, to adopt resolution.

Ms. Fontenot asked to have the 48/96 Firemans Schedule approved. Per Mr. Burson, we have received the written information that was requested. Per Mr. Pucheu, this schedule meets the minimum requirements and presents a zero sum to the city budget.

Motion made by Ms. Fontenot, with second by Mr. Burson and carried, to adopt this schedule immediately with the next schedule period in the fire department.

Ms. Fontenot asked for clarification on the Attorney General opinion regarding the Civil Service Classification on police department clerical workers. Jailers and clerical workers are classified under statute. Per Mr. Pucheu, until position approved, there is no issue with back pay. Another issue is a budget issue. Per Mr. Pucheu, do not need three clerical workers upstairs. Per Mr. Burson, he moved that the budget issue be referred until next meeting so that information can be gathered as to if in the budget. Per Mr. Soileau, he would like to defer until next budget meeting. Ms. Fontenot asked that a firm decision be made at next month’s council meeting so it does not drag on. Mayor Morris clarified that a department can not be 5% over budget.

Motion made by Mr. Burson, with second by Mr. Soileau and carried, to table any decision until next City Council meeting.

Mr. Soileau asked for a motion to adopt ordinance provided to abandon alley between 3rd and 4th streets from Park Avenue to Ash Avenue.

It was motioned by Mr. Soileau, with a second by Ms. Fontenot and carried, to adopt ordinance to abandon said alley.

It was motioned by Ms. Fontenot, with a second by Ms. Simpson and carried, to advertise for quotes on auto physical damage and liability insurance, along with general liability, E&O and law enforcement liability insurance.

Chief Fontenot brought forth parking on 2nd Street. Some business owners feel that two hours is not long enough for parking and others feel that it is too long. Chief Fontenot stated that his last feel for the subject is to let is go as is since there is no one to enforce the time limit.

Chief Fontenot gave an update on the Natural Gas generator. The Police Department was able to get a generator thru the Department of Homeland Security. They do not physically have the generator yet, but the money has been allocated by OHSEP. Chief Fontenot stated that we now have two generators and suggested that one be placed at one of the community centers that is used for evacuation shelter.

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Mayor Morris confirmed that the City Council has received the monthly reports.

It was motioned to adjourn by Ms. Fontenot, with a second by Ms. Simpson and carried.






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