MCCI's Glenn Stokes addresses Rotarians

By Katherine Miller


CROWLEY – “A humorous quote says “God made mosquitos, and we still don’t know why,” began Glen Stokes as he spoke to members of the Rotary Club Tuesday, October 21 during their weekly meeting. “Their only redeeming grace is that they are part of the food chain,” he added.

Stokes, who owns Mosquito Control Contractors Incorporated, is no stranger to the business. For the past 45 years, he has served Acadia Parish as an expert in the business.

He went on to inform the group that mosquito fossil records that date back 70 million years ago as compared to now, amazingly have maintained the same genetic makeup.

“Typically, the life of a mosquito is 30 days,” Stokes informed, “and only takes 72 hours to hatch.”

Stokes also spoke of the different diseases that are communicable via mosquito, such as Malaria, West Nile Virus and St. Louis Encephalitis. A few facts are that every 30 seconds, someone loses their life to malaria; only one percent of people infected with West Nile Virus die and that St. Louis Encephalitis kills 30 percent of its victims. Mostly, malaria is more prevalent in second and third world countries.

“There are 1500 different types of mosquitos in the world, 100 of which are present in Louisiana, with Acadia Parish containing 36 of these types,” Stokes said continuing with his speech.

Another topic brought up was the recent hurricanes, Gustav and Ike, and Stokes explained that both of these events brought peaks in the amount of mosquitos present in the parish. “Ike delayed our spraying, and by September 22, we sprayed 170 thousand acres, which reduced the number of mosquitos by 95 percent,” he said.

Stokes recently did a fly spraying of Acadia Parish passing over the most populated areas as well as all schools and churshes.

In closing, Stokes informed the group of what he and his company call the 5 D’s, which are 1. Drain 2. Dress-wear light, loose clothing 3. Deet , while avoiding peak times of mosquito activity, 4. Dusk 5. Dawn.

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