Miles moves have been right ones so far

In his four seasons as head coach of the Tigers, Coach Les Miles has seemingly made all the right moves. When it comes to replacing coaches, putting players off the team or making gutsy calls on fourth down, so far Miles has had the Dice in his hand and he has rolled sevens more than not.

When fans fretted over the departure of then Offensive Coordinator Jimbo Fisher, Miles calmly replaced Fisher with a better, more creative guy in Gary Crowton. The Tigers Offense has been consistent under Crowton, while shuffling through a deck of young quarterbacks.

Miles’ biggest and most scrutinized decision was that of the way he handled the Ryan Perrilloux situation. While some said that Miles was not tough enough others said Miles should have given RP another chance. 

Like he has since he has been in the Capital City, the “Mad Hatter” handled things to perfection. Miles worked with Perrilloux and gave the young man chance after chance to get his act together and ultimately it was Perriloux who folded and moved on. 

Miles new that he had to keep his house in order and with one of the members not cooperating things would not pan out for the best and it was wise that both parties moved on. When the season began and folks got hyped about the promise of young Jarrett Lee, hyped quickly turned to who’s this guy chunking all these Int’s and Miles was question yet again.

But the man under the White Cap stayed cool and like Frank Sinatra he handled things his way. Miles never threw young Lee under the bus and he never fed his true freshman Jefferson to the Wolves as he knew that he would have two unsettled guys in the pocket.

And now just a year later a position that looked to be the worst on the team is arguably the best as LSU has several talented quarterbacks. Miles also found out that he is human and humans make mistakes.

Miles made a questionable move when he hired Co-Defensive Coordinators in elevating to assistants instead of going after a proven coach.  But credit Miles again as he wasted no time in correcting his mistake and he was able to convince longtime Tennessee Coach John Chavis to lead his defense.

So as Miles enters year five of his tenure with the Tigers he does so with the most pressure on him in his days in Baton Rouge. In football coaches either fail or succeed by doing things their way and so far Miles and his ways have been good for the Purple and Gold.

With that said Miles full well knows that he needs more W’s than L’s this season and 8-5 just won’t cut it in Baton Rouge. The saga continues September 5th and if the last five years have taught us anything we should know that at the very least LSU will be an interesting team to follow not only because of their talent but mainly because of the man under the White Hat!


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