Mud may have been cause of Hulin accident

There were no skid marks. The truck just went straight for the oak tree and hit head-on, killing the driver, 19-year-old Eddie Hulin.

Hulin, of Henry, was involved in a single-vehicle accident Christmas morning. Eddie was heading to Delcambre and was taking a side-road he normally takes when he goes to Delcambre. He was familiar with the road.

The parents of Hulin are puzzled as to why their son went straight into a tree despite it being daylight and the street the accident occurred is straight.

Duell Hulin, his father, arrived to the accident while the ambulance was taking his son away.

“Things happen fast, you just never know,” said Duell.

One of the first things he noticed about the road was how muddy it was. Days earlier it had rained, and that morning there was a fog, creating for wet conditions.

A friend of Eddie’s arrived at the accident right after it occurred. This person took pictures of the wet, muddy conditions of the road and was expected to bring them to the Hulin family Friday night or Saturday.

“From what we hear, the road was in pretty bad condition,” said Duel.

Duell became aware of the conditions of the road when he went to back up his other son’s truck at the accident scene which was parked on the road. He proceeded to back the truck up, and then the wheels started spinning on the blacktop.

“I did not give it any gas. That should tell you the road was in pretty bad condition,” he said.

The reason was the road may have been muddy was because of sugar cane harvesting. Tractors pull trailers loaded with sugarcane and ride on the road. If there is mud in the field, the mud gets on the road because of the tractors and trailers.

However, a farmer has six hours to clean the road after his equipment puts mud on the road. Hulin is not saying the farmer did not clean the road, all he is saying is that the road was still muddy after the farmer’s equipment finished harvesting the day or two before Christmas Day.

Hulin said friends saw the farmer grade the road to remove the mud, but it still left muddy conditions because of the rain.

“Knowing how careful my son drives, if he would have put the brakes on knowing the conditions were wet, he would have started sliding,” Duell said.

“The Sheriff’s Department said there was no where that showed he attempted to apply the brakes. That is telling me that when he noticed it was that wet, he just tried controlling the truck the best he could.”

The Erath Volunteer Fire Department washed off the road after everyone left in fear that another accident would occur due to the wet conditions of the road, Duell said.

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