The Krewe of Town Revelers hold carnival ball

King Cimmer LIX, Gilles Roland Armand Albert Ghislain Piron, and his Queen, Sandra Bourgeois Doré

Pages to the king and queen, from left, Christopher LeLeux, Cameron Latiolais, Casey Goff and Anne Elise Swacker, cops and robbers

Duke Kyle Gordon and Maid Carissa Hamilton-Toups, D.C., Bonnie and Clyde

Duke Matthew Musial and Maid Vicki Ramos, Al Capone and Vera

Maid Juliette Adams and Duke William Knight, Franceska, the Venetian beauty, and Casanova

Maid Sandra Farmer Marx, D.C., and Duke Stephen Cannon, M.D., Blaze Starr and Earl Long

Duke Adam Dupré and Maid Sandy Breaux Shuff, Jesse James and Belle Starr

Duke Billy Beasley and Maid Joshlynn Floyd Guidry, Jack the Ripper and Madam Lulu White

The Krewe of Town Revelers’ Carnival Ball was held on March 1 at the Rice Festival Building in Crowley. The theme of the ball was “Notoriously Cimmer.” 

Reigning over the festivities were King Cimmer LIX, Gilles Roland Armand Albert Ghislain Piron and his Queen Sandra Bourgeois Doré.

Piron is the son of Alvina Collignon of Villeroux, Belgium, and the late Andre Piron. He is married to Ruthie Welch Piron, Queen to King Cimmer LIV. They have two sons, Alex and Andrew.

He is employed by GATE, Inc., a consulting firm based in Houston, Texas, and is currently assigned as full time senior consulting engineer to the Pipeline Major Projects Group at Shell Oil Company. He and his wife also co-own a family business, Rice City Gymnastics.

Piron is a native of Belgium, where he graduated from Bastogne High School and received a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and a master’s degree in industrial science from Arlon Institute of Technology, later named Hautes Ecoles Schumann.

He proudly became a United States citizen in December 2013. He is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and previously served as first lieutenant with the Sixth Company of Military Police in Aachen, Germany. He has served on the board of directors of the Crowley Town Club, danced with the Showstoppers for 18 years, and was a duke on the Court of King Cimmer XXXVIII, Thomas Gardiner, “Northern Magic”.

Doré is the daughter of the late James E. Bourgeois and the late Phyllis Brookshire Bourgeois of Sulphur. She is married to John Elliot Doré, King Cimmer LV. She has one daughter, Ellie, and two step-daughters, Chelsea and Samantha.

She is currently assistant principal of St. Michael School, where she also teaches eighth-grade mathematics and homeroom.

Doré is a graduate of Prince George High School of Prince George, Va., having attended many schools as the daughter of an Air Force officer. She holds degrees in elementary education from Louisiana State University, nursing from University of Southwest Louisiana (now ULL) and a Master of Arts in Education from the University of Phoenix.

She is a member of the Association of Curriculum and Instruction, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and is a past president of the Crowley Solitic Club.

She has performed in five productions with the Acadia Players, is current secretary of the Crowley Town Club Board of Directors, and is a member of the Krewe de les Dames. She was a maid on the court of King Cimmer XLIV, James Dubose, “Carnival Madness.” She danced as a Showstopper for 12 years and was co-ringmaster in last year’s “Carnivalesque du Cirque”.

The evening began with the national anthem sung by Tina Reaux, Christine Fulton, Jennifer Trahan, Susan Comeaux, Margaret Ann Harmon and Maria Fontenot, music director and cast of the upcoming Acadia Players production of “Nunsense II, the Second Coming.”

Past royalty were presented as well as the returning 2013 Court of King Cimmer LVIII, Gregory Alan Jones and his Queen, Katie Shelton Chiasson.

The evening was dedicated to the late Ray Hensgens, King Cimmer XLII; the late George Pepin, King Cimmer XLIII; and the late Russell Falconer, King Cimmer XLVI. 

Jimmy Broussard and Scott Lowry set the scene as two roving reporters, with the help of the Showstoppers as newsroom secretaries and photographers. As they danced to “9 to 5”, ladies wore black skirts and vests with white three-quarter sleeve blouses. Male dancers wore black trousers with suspenders, white shirts and hats displaying their Press credentials. 

While news reporters covered historic headline stories of notorious couples and criminals, Ball Revelers from the Krewe of Town Revelers tried to keep order as Cimmer’s finest law enforcers, also dancing and bestowing beads on the crowd.

The court pages were introduced playing cops and robbers with the help of special guest performers. Fr. Jared Suire and Linda Craton, reprised “Jailhouse Rock”, the dance number that won them the honor of fan favorite in the Rotary Club’s 2013 “Dancing with the Stars, in a Caring Way” fundraiser.

Appearing as court pages were Christopher LeLeux, son of Dr. Dale and Christine LeLeux, and Casey Goff, son of Shane and Angie Goff. They wore vintage-style police uniforms of sparkling blue with orange sequin trim. 

Anne Elise Swacker, daughter of David and Nicole Swacker, and Cameron Latiolais, daughter of Reid Latiolais and Laura Marx, were charming “robbers” in orange polka-dot blouses, blue box-pleated skirts, saddle shoes and berets.

King Cimmer the 59th was announced to the delight of the audience and the Press. He wore an Empire era uniform of black brocade featuring embroidered silver oak leaves, French symbols of high military rank. Silver epaulets and braided cord adorned the standing collar jacket as well as the ducal of the Krewe of Town Revelers and military style medals.

Black satin pants with a side stripe of purple were trimmed in double-slung rhinestones. He wore a crown of silver with purple accent stones featuring Belgian and American flags in the design. He carried a matching scepter and wore a sword at his left side.

His mantle also featured a Belgian flag and an American flag in its design. A jewel-encrusted fleur-de-lis reflected his French heritage and a king’s crown appliqué was featured in a black Art Deco ziggurat design. The mantle also featured the royal seal of Belgium and appliqués commemorating the “Screaming Eagles”, the 101st Airborne division, which liberated Bastogne in the last “Battle of the Bulge” during World War II.

The mantle also featured LIX, signifying King Cimmer the fifty-ninth.

Queen to King Cimmer LIX, Sandra Bourgeois Doré, garnered press coverage worthy of her royal announcement. She was regal in a royal purple dropped-waist dress with full lace overlay embellished with Swarovski crystal beading. The dress featured a sweetheart neckline and sheer lace set-in sleeves encrusted with jewels at the wrist. Her collar featured sheer lace panels trimmed in rhinestone banding, each edged in hanging beaded loops and delicately accented with beaded appliqués.

She wore a crown tiara of silver, featuring aurora borealis stones in a classic scroll design with large oval and round cut accent stones. Her scepter complimented the design of her crown. 

Her mantle was similar in design to that of her King and included a queen’s crown appliqué on a black Art Deco ziggurat design. It also featured a purple fleur-de-lis with rhinestone embellishments. The mantle’s shoulder cape featured the letters KTR for Krewe of Town Revelers, accented by scroll appliqué and rhinestone beading.

The King, Queen and pages took their places amid the Art Deco opulence of the royal court stage flanked by two lighted chandeliers. Dukes and maids were then presented, bringing to life the headlines of the past. 


Carissa Hamilton-Toups, D.C., as Bonnie wore a green sequined dress, fur shrug and stylish purple beret. Kyle Gordon as Clyde was dapper in a striped vest, sequined pants and a glittering fedora. They eluded police as the notorious Depression-era couple. 

Hamilton-Toups is married to Marcus Toups and is a chiropractor at Crowley Chiropractic Clinic. Gordon is married to Michelle Gordon and is owner of Gator Custom Graphix.

In late 1950s Louisiana, the headlines read: EARL K. LONG GOES CRAZY OVER STRIPPER BLAZE STARR! 

Burlesque dancers accompanied Sandra Farmer Marx, D.C., as the infamous Blaze Starr. Wearing a corset bodice showgirl costume, top hat, and patterned stockings, she danced with red feathered fans to the delight of Stephen Cannon, M.D., as “Uncle” Earl. He wore glittering seersucker pattern pants with red suspenders and bow tie, straw boater hat and white shoes.

Marx is married to Don Marx, D.C., and is a chiropractor and owner of Marx Weight Loss and Wellness.

Cannon is married to Nicole Vaughn Cannon and is a physician and owner of Cannon Family Medicine and Fine Lines Cosmetic Laser Center.

From 18th century Europe, the headline read: CASANOVA GIACOMO ARRESTED FOR SEDUCTION. 

William Knight as Casanova was dressed in Venetian finery of the time, knickers of silver, embroidered shirt with ruffled collar and cuffs, ornate vest and tricorn hat. He was entranced by Venetian beauty, Juliette Adams, in a long flowing skirt of purple ruffles, ruche bodice and puff sleeves and in pantaloons and long black stockings.

Knight is a diesel mechanic. Adams is a student and a buyer and sales associate for Gail’s Gifts.

Adam Dupré stepped out of the old west as the headline read, REWARD: $5000 FOR CAPTURE OF JESSE JAMES.

In a brown duster coat and wide brimmed hat, glittering gun holster and boots, he shot a man for trying to cross the ballroom floor, then turned his attention to saloon girl Belle Starr. Sandy Breaux Shuff was the life of the party as Belle Starr, in a dark blue Satin corset and skirt trimmed in black lace and beaded trim. She wore a feather headpiece and fishnet stockings.

Dupré is married to Amanda Richard Dupré and is the owner and CEO of ADTek Enterprises, LLC. Shuff is married to Terry Shuff and is the project manager for LK Breaux and Asssociates.


From the shadows and fog appeared Billy Beasley as Jack the Ripper flourishing a black satin cape, top hat and sequined vest, an ominous figure behind dark glasses. With two of her “girls”, Joshlynn Floyd Guidry tempted him as Madam Lulu White, in a form-fitting full-length gown of silver trimmed in black and silver feathered trim and black opera length gloves.

Beasley is married to Kaye Leger Beasley and he is a nitrogen specialist for Coil Tubing Services. Guidry is married to Shannon Guidry and is an administrative assistant at Sunland Kori.

A roaring ’20s party set the stage for the Showstoppers “Puttin’ on the Ritz” and for the final headline: BOOTLEGGING MOB BOSS ENTERTAINS BOOZE OFFENDERS.

As Al Capone, Matthew Musial cut a rug in a silver sequined pinstripe suit and pink satin shirt and tie. With his cigar and gold Tommy gun, there was no doubt who was the boss. But the grandest entrance was made by his flapper girlfriend, Vicki Ramos as Vera, as she appeared out of a 10-foot champagne bottle wearing a pink and silver party dress with handkerchief hem and a rhinestone headband.

Musial is married to Kristie Bolkovatz Musial and is a supply chain leader for BP Biofuels. Ramos is the owner of Ruddock’s Bakery.

A musical finale performance of the court was followed by the traditional 2014 Court Promenade, Grand March of the Courts of King Cimmer LVIII and King Cimmer LIX and a toast by Reveler Captain Hank Capel to King Cimmer LIX and his court.

Special thanks and introductions were then given to the following groups of volunteers.

Ball Revelers were Andy Ardoin, Ken Goss Sr., Bryan Benoit, Shannon Guidry, Gerald LeBlanc, Dr. Dale LeLeux, Keith LeLeux, Chad Monceaux, Jeremy Patin, Brandon Thibodeaux, Bubba Vercher and Ball Captain David Swacker.

Emcees for “Notoriously Cimmer” were John and Linda Craton. Entertaining throughout the evening were the Showstoppers, under the direction of Dolores Nutt: Elliot Doré and Deborah Nutt Whiting, Chris and Patti Brammer, David Dupuis and Ruthie Piron, Clayton Dailey and Lisa McNeely, David Wilson and Lisa Dupuis. 

Dancing for the Krewe de les Dames were Mary Guidry, Kakie Hoffpauir, Rene Chastant, Denise Maddie, Christy LeLeux, Laurie Suire, Brittany Faulk, Alicia Bergeaux, Kim Diebel, Casey Vercher and Jessica Guillot.

Special appearances were made by: Angie Goff, Tim Croughan, Brian Borill, Jay Suire, Ken Goss Sr., Wayne Wild, Reece Guillot, Brooke Thomas, Gina Trisler, Clayton Dailey and Ellen Dailey.

Director of this year’s presentation was Claire Kelbaugh; assistant director, Christy LeLeux; project manager, Lisa Dupuis; back stage manager, Ellen Dailey; and general coordinator, Brooke Lowry.

Other committee chairs for the ball included Nancy Broadhurst, King’s luncheon; Hank Capel, Reveler Captain; Katie Chiasson, publicity advisor; Larry Chiasson, south stage decorations; Patricia Wilson/Court of 2013, foyer and awning; Ellen Dailey, script writer; Kim Diebel, gifts; Scott Lowry, bar; Casey Vercher, Reveler costume coordinator; Blane Faulk, music and sound; Shane Goff, prop chairman and video feed; Angie Goff, music; Judy Guillot, costume coordinator; Brittany Faulk, Queen’s luncheon; Nancy Wild/Ladies Krewe, bar/side room decorations; Paul Landry, graphics; Donna Landry, page assistant; Belle Leleux, court make-up; Denise Maddie, Town Club photography; Tommy McNeely, royalty; Larry Spaetgens, spotlights; Dolores Nutt, entertainment/choreography; Dwayne Petry, photography; Revelers, marquee, parade and videography; Marlene Thibodeaux, court assistant; Laurie Suire, marketing coordinator; Nicole Swacker, T-shirts and financials; Denise Maddie, 2013 court assistant; Deborah Whiting, entertainment/costumes; Marjorie Wild, publicity; and Carey Lawson, invitations/reserved tickets; Jeremy Patin, co-chair reserved tickets and Dropbox chair.

Photos courtesy Petry’s Photography.

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