Bullet holes alarm Crowley couple

Sunlight shows through a bullet hole in the metal roof over the patio of David and Shirley Bratton’s home on Broadacres Drive in Crowley. Three bullet holes have struck the home on at least two separate occasions over the past few months.

Three strike home on at least two separate occasions


CROWLEY - David and Shirley Bratton are gun owners. They enjoy spending their spare time at shooting ranges and those who speak with them know their knowledge of guns is evident. So when their home was struck by three bullets in just a few months, they realized how dangerous the situation was.

“I don’t know if it’s from the same person ... if it was it would be quite a coincidence,” said David. “Whoever did the shooting wasn’t using their head.”

The Brattons reside on Broadacres Drive, right behind the Shop Rite on North Parkerson Avenue.

“If those bullets had fallen 100 feet to the east you’d have bullets coming down on that store where people are shopping,” he added.

The first bullet hole to strike their house came through the rooftop right over their kitchen. It created a large leak which resulted in their kitchen being flooded with water.

The Brattons estimated that one probably struck a few months ago.

The second happened only a month ago and left a noticeable hole in the metal roof over their patio.

“If that one hadn’t hit where it hit, we may not have noticed it,” said Shirley.

The Brattons have some differing theories as to where the bullets came from. Given the time frame of when his house was struck, David thinks it could have been someone celebrating the holidays in a frightening way that may sound familiar to some south Louisiana residents.

“Someone could have been shooting in the air on New Year’s Eve,” he said.

On Dec. 31, 1994, in the New Orleans French Quarter, Amy Silberman, a tourist from Boston, was killed by a falling bullet from celebratory firing while walking on the Riverwalk. At first those with her thought she may have simply collapsed. It wasn’t until later that they found out she was hit by a bullet.

Ever since then, the New Orleans Police Department has been striving to educate the public on the danger, frequently making arrests for firing into the air.

Another theory that David mentioned seemed as though it was very possible. 

“Perhaps someone has been shooting at the same target and they don’t have a backstop,” he said. “That would result in the bulltes landing in the same area.”

The Brattons acknowledge that the shots could have come from miles away and the chance of catching anyone is slim. 

“I hope that the person or people who did this may read about it in the paper and learn something about being responsible,” said David. “The danger and irresponsiblity of their actions could cause a lot of grief.”

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