Obama, Landrieu win

Barack Obama and Mary Landrieu were the big winners in Tuesday’s election.

Obama won the presidential race with 52 percent of the popular vote, gaining 62,806,760 votes to John McCain’s 55,650,160 votes.

Richland Parish bucked the national trend, giving 62 percent of its support to the Republicans by casting 5,751 votes for McCain and only 3,311 for Obama. The state as a whole supported McCain by 58 percent with 1,147,603 votes for McCain and 780,981 for Obama.

Mary Landrieu won the Senate race by a 52 percent margin, earning 986,411 votes statewide to John Kennedy’s 866,624 votes. Richland Parish supported Kennedy with 4,688 votes for 53 percent while Mary Landrieu received 3,983 votes for 83 percent.

Results for the seven constitutional amendments on the ballot were a mixed bag.

Amendment #1 seeking term limits for state boards passed by 69 percent statewide with 1,129,711 votes in favor of it and 497,205 against. This closely mirrored the Richland Parish vote for a 69 percent win at 5,171 in favor and 2,243 against.

Amendment #2 requiring special sessions to be called seven calendar days in advance passed by 60 percent statewide and in Richland Parish. The state vote was 951,980 for and 641,262 against while the parish vote was 4,352 for and 2,864 against.

Amendment #3 allowing for temporary replacements for legislators called to active military duty passed by 62 percent statewide and 64 percent in Richland Parish. Statewide 981,398 people voted for it and 606,991 voted against. In Richland, 4,622 voted yes and 2,588 voted no.

Amendment #4 increasing general severance tax allocations failed by 55 percent statewide and by 58 percent in Richland Parish. Statewide, 875,138 people opposed the amendment while 704,004 people supported it. In Richland, 4,110 voted no to 2,911 voting yes.

Amendment #5 dealing with purchases and replacement property stalled at a 50/50 vote statewide with a narrow majority opposing it. Statewide 779,996 people voted no while 778,148 voted yes. In Richland 4,016 people voted no and 3,117 voted yes.

Amendment #6 removing certain restrictions on blighted property failed statewide by 51 percent with 786,884 people voting no and 770,987 voting yes. In Richland Parish, the amendment failed by 60 percent with 4,324 people opposing it and 2,778 for it.

Amendment #7 altering contributions to post-employment benefit funds failed by 56 percent statewide with 841,869 people against the measure and 670,711 people for it. In Richland, it failed by 61 percent, with 4,367 people against it and 2,740 people for it.

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