And, here we are moving into the second week of a brand new year. I hope all of you readers are well and that you are enjoying life to its fullest extent. So far, I am able to “sit up and take nourishment” as the old saying goes. I’ve always kind of wondered about that statement which I’ve heard all of my life. I suppose if a person is not able to sit up nor take in food, he or she is not in the best of health. Anyway, I’m still on the scene and kicking – every now and then.

Let’s see what has been happening to me and mine and around me. I usually start with Sunday at Woodlawn Baptist Church for that’s how my current week normally begins. The morning worship service was good as usual with wonderful special music from the choir and an excellent message from Pastor Roger Johnson. Since I wasn’t feeling too sporty, I didn’t go out for lunch with the usual group of friends. I just played mouse and went to my house. Scratched up some lunch and went to bed with the funny papers. Got a nap somewhere along the way.

Speaking of Woodlawn BC, the members have been collecting warm clothing to send to folks in New Orleans. This is due to an appeal from James and Mandi Barham, who are serving in some missions capacity there. (This couple formerly served for a long time as foreign missionaries; but. they had to return to the states a few months ago and are now living in New Orleans.)

Anyway, we have a room full of bags and boxes of warm clothing to go to the needy in the great city of New Orleans. And, if our present weather here is any kind of guide to go by, warm clothing will certainly be needed for January and February, which are usually our coldest months. And, the spring-time can be pretty raw some years.

As most of you readers know by this time, my son, Kirby has returned home after working several months in the state of New York on pipeline construction.

I’ve seen some of the pictures of this work being done and have heard Kirby give some of the details. I find it so interesting and so different from years ago when he followed pipeline construction. It is a totally different work these days..

I was amazed at the measures which have to be taken now to ensure environmental protection. For example: If a river or any kind of stream of water has to be crossed, the pipeline company must take steps to protect the fish and any other critters living in the water. I don’t know just how this is done; but, it is required of the pipeline company. They have to make a place of temporary confine-ment for the fish, turtles, etc.

And, another example which I found fascinating and saw pictures of was a den of rattlesnakes. The company had to move and contain them somehow until the pipeline construction was completed and then put the snakes back in their native habitat just like it was prior to the pipeline construction. In other words, when a pipeline is laid and completed underground, there is no sign of it above ground. I find that completely amazing; but, I am glad to know that such measures are being taken in considering the native habitat. This will insure that the future generations of people and animals will be protected against the ravages of random construction.

I had another interesting experience one day last week when I was visiting Kirby and Linda in their home. They were in the process of transferring many reels of home movie film (probably Super-8 vintage) onto DVDs. The particular film that I saw that day was made in 1990 in the kitchen of my present home with Kirby and Linda present along with my late husband, Doc and yours truly. It was fascinating to see all of this so clear and definite.

Kirby was “interviewing” us and asking particular questions as to where each of us was born and details on the early years of our life.

Of course, we also had to tell how we first met and got to know each other. (It was not smooth sailing from the start – I took an instant dislike to my future husband when I first saw him. I told my girl-friend that I didn’t want to get to know him; but, that all changed in due time and we were married about two and a half years later.) Anyway, this was quite an experience to see us on screen in full color. Doc was on oxygen at the time; but, he coped with it real well and it extended his life for about three more years after that home movie film was made. I look forward to seeing more of these films and I want Kirby to put my Super-8 film on DVD also.

A CHUCKLE: Two friends who hadn’t seen each other in years met in a supermarket. One woman asked, “Tell me, Carrie, how is your son, George?”

“He’s getting along fine,” Carrie replied. “He is a poet. He just received his master’s degree in literature from the university.”

“And, what about Mary?”

“Oh, she’s just as smart as George,” Carrie replied. “She graduated from college with a degree in modern art.”

“That’s wonderful. And how is little Freddy? What is he doing?”

“Well,” Ruth said, “ Freddy is still Freddy. He wouldn’t go to college – he became a plumber instead. If it weren’t for him, we would all be starving.”

What do you think of the weather we are now having? I think this fall has been the coldest I can recall in many a year. I just wonder if we are in for a snow and a big freeze in January and/or February!?? I don’t like to even think about that possibility.

You know it has been several years since that happened. And, there is usually a power failure along with the snow and ice and we have no electricity for a while. Perish the thought!

(In summertime when it gets so hot, I think I like wintertime better; but in wintertime when it gets below freezing, I know I like summertime better. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person with such a fickle nature.)

We have some events coming up soon at Woodlawn Baptist Church – The Triple-L (Live Longer & Love-it) Club will meet on Tuesday, January 20 at 1l:30AM in the Family Life Center. There will be the usual covered dish lunch and afterward, the guest speaker will be our own James Garner. He will share some of his WWII memories and I can assure you that he has some really vivid ones to tell.

Then, the men will have their annual Wild Game Supper later this month and they have promised to have one for the ladies the next night. I don’t know just how all that is going to work out. We’ll see. . .

Birthdays are coming up soon for: Jennifer Sullivan and Jim Smith on 1/15; Roxie Stewart, Steven Greer, Terry Doughty and Connor Mulhern on 1/16; Lydia Walker and Michele Benavides on 1/17; Shay Siscoe and Robert Atkius on 1/19; Robert Colvin, Rose Stokes and Margie Sullivan on 1/20 and for Ann Boone, Linda Hendrix and Donnie Adcock on 1/21. May all of these fine folks celebrate their special natal day in fine style and we wish them many more… (And, I just remembered that a sweet lady in Colonial Manor Nursing Home called me a few days ago to tell me that she was having a birthday on January 15th; but, I can’t recall her name. (I have it written down on a notepad at home; but didn’t bring it with me to where I’m typing this at present. Next week I’ll wish her a belated Happy Birthday. Sorry about that!

So, we come to the end of another Outlook effort and this has been a real effort with the computer being extremely balky. (I wonder if spilling a cup of coffee on the keyboard last week could be part of the problem??) Hmm…

I hope you found something interesting and/or informative as you read through this week’s Outlook column. If and when you have some news and/or a comment, please call me at 728-4422. (I hope to get better organized as the new year goes on.)

PARTING THOUGHT: People throw away what they could have by insisting on perfection, which they cannot have, and looking for it where they will never find it.

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