Here we are again, having made it through another busy week and some more really cold weather along with that pesky, almost constant wind. Whatever happened to our mild winters when we had maybe just a couple of cold spells and mostly pleasant weather in between? Even a light snowfall which stayed on the ground a day or two didn’t prove to be that much of a problem. Oh, well, as long as we have enough life to complain about the weather, we can’t be doing too badly. And, I know the children would appreciate a little snow to play in. They may very well get it in February or early March.

Let’s see what has been going on with me and mine in the past week or so. I suppose the fact that my son, Kirby and his wife, Linda, have returned home after being gone about ten days on a visit to see their son, Kevin, in Denver, Colorado, would be the first news item to come to my mind. They enjoyed visiting with Kevin for a couple of days and reported that he is getting along well and still enjoying life in Denver.

Kirby and Linda stopped by Tulsa on their way home and spent a few days with his Uncle Doyle Hendrix and his wife, Sandra on their houseboat on some lake not too far out of the city. They really enjoyed their visit there since Doyle and Kirby have worked together on pipeline construction dating back to many, many years ago. (Doyle retired some years back after finally serving a long term as secretary-treasurer for the Pipeliner’s Local No. 798.) I can recall Doyle’s love of fishing which I think he may attribute to me since I some-times took him fishing as a lad down on the little creek close to where his folks lived in Arkansas. (Doyle was eight years old when I married into the family.) If I got a nibble on my line, Doyle would move his cork just as close as possible to my cork in the water. We never caught many fish, but had a lot of fun trying. I still have a love of fishing, but never get to go anymore which is probably just as well. But, I do have my special memories….

Looking back over the past week or so, I would mention last week’s Triple-L Seniors meeting (that’s the “Live Longer & Love-it”senior adults) on Tuesday in the Family Life Center at Woodlawn Baptist Church. The covered dish lunch was very tasty as usual although we were small in number due probably to some really cold, windy weather.

Our guest speaker was James Garner who shared some special memories of his life, including his service in WWII when he served as a sailor on the ship, USS Mennard. Something had happened to the records of that particular wartime service and James had never been able learn anything about his former shipmates, although he had tried many times through the years.

If I am recalling correctly, the Garners were returning home one day from Monroe several years ago and happened to get behind a vehicle towing a ship’s bell which had the words, “USS Mennard” written on it. James immediately recognized the name of the ship he had served on during WWII. They managed to get vehicle to stop and they learned that those men were on their way to a meeting with one of the ship’s officers in Atlanta, GA.

Since that time, James has been in touch with several of his former shipmates and has learned about what has happened to them through the years. It was most interesting to hear James relate some of his wartime experiences on his ship. (I had a boyfriend in the Navy during my later high school years; but Doc (my late husband) “beat his time” and I had to write that “Dear John” letter which was sometime after WWII had ended.)

This past Friday night was the time for our group of Little Theatre members to attend the current play, “The Sunshine Boys” at the Strauss theater in Monroe. We had quite a time getting our travel arrangements made since our usual driver, Gloria Traxler, is currently working for H & R Block and doesn’t get off work until 6PM. One of our members, Elloree Hill, couldn’t go due to her husband having a big birthday bash at Colonial Manor where he is a resident.

So, we finally got Jean Baker to go in Elloree’s place and we managed to eat a quick supper at Popeye’s here before we drove to Monroe and met Linda and Wayland Colvin at the theater.

As you may know, Henry Cumpton was one of the stars of this play and he and another gentleman who played opposite him were just hilarious in their roles as old vaudeville stars trying to do a “repeat” of their performance of yester years. All of our party enjoyed this outing very much and look forward to two more plays in this current season.

Sunday services were good at Woodlawn Baptist Church, although attendance is still down somewhat, due probably to extremely cold weather and some folks with a spell of flu like symptoms. Jackie King was absent from Sunday School due to a respiratory problem and it seemed so odd not to see her in her usual seat just inside the door. I didn’t feel so well either, so I didn’t join the usual group who eats lunch together most Sundays. I just played “mouse” and went to my house – tried to catch up with my newspaper reading.

My son, Kirby, had the story for the Sunday AM Kids Corner and he spoke about the value of a single penny – how they add up to a dollar and he made the comparison of how events in our life add up for good or not so good. (That boy does have a gift for speaking on most any subject and he’s not timid about using it.)

A CHUCKLE: The husband and wife were taking six children on a camping trip.

She drove the lead car with all their gear and her husband followed in their station wagon with the kids. At a tollbooth, she realized that they hadn’t divided their cash supply and her husband thus had no money.

Paying a double toll, she explained to the woman attendant: “I’m paying for the car behind me. My husband has all those children and no money.”

Without cracking a smile, the attendant replied: “Good! Keep him that way!”

I had lunch on Thursday with my sweet friend, Mrs. Lola Porter, who was feeling a little more chipper. She’s still got a lot of spunk left and I always enjoy visiting with her, usually every week.

And, may I ask the color of your town water supply these days??? Mine varies from a champagne tone to a light brown color – once in a while, it is almost clear. I just drink it and use it just like it is 100% o.k. What’s a person to do? I can’t afford to buy enough water to wash clothes in, or take a bath or shower in, etc. So, that’s the story on that. (And, I am supposing that all of our residents share this same problem…???)

I am planning to attend the Saints Alive meeting on Monday night of this week and also to attend the special luncheon in Ruston on Tuesday in connection with a special meeting going on there. (I don’t have the paper giving the correct titles for the meeting and/or the luncheon; but, I will furnish that information next week if all goes according to plan. (I am writing this on Monday, which is a day earlier than usual – that’s why I’m not entirely “up to snuff” on all of the exact info.)

Another event coming up soon will be the annual Men & Boys Tri-Association Fish Fry on Saturday night, 1/31 at Woodlawn Baptist Church.

And, on Sunday night, Feb. 1, Woodlawn folks will meet at 5:30PM in the sanctuary for some special music provided by friends of Gordan Allen and a brief message from our pastor. Then, everyone is invited over to the Family Life Center for a complete meal consisting of fried fish and all the trimmings. How does that sound to your taste buds?

I might also mention that the Lambda Kappa Club will have their annual spaghetti dinner on Sunday, Feb. 1st at the Rayville Civic Center from 10:30AM to 1:00PM. (Dine in or take out) Cost: $6 (This is the club’s annual fund raiser and proceeds are used to provide scholarships for our high school seniors.) See you there?

Birthdays are coming up for: Jackie Brown, Pat Guynes, Brittany McClain, Randy Long and Joye Lewis on 1/29; for Rhonda Conley, Rhonda Conley, Robin Mulhern and Frank Walker on 1/30; for Chris Stewart and Matt Gwin on 1/31; Crystal Allen, Dr. Nathan Morris and Nancy Harrigill on 2/1; Billy Whitten on 2/2; Brenda McManus, Jenna Loftin, Sandra Adams and Jenny W. Doughty on 2/3 and for Stacy McCowin, Mark Bennett and Bruce Silk on 2/4. May all of these good folks enjoy their special natal day in a most special manner and we wish them many more….

That will just about finish up another Outlook effort. Please call me at 728-4422 if and when you have news you’d like to share in this column. I would appreciate hearing from more of our readers.

PARTING THOUGHT: While it may be true that a watched pot never boils, the one you don’t keep an eye on can surely make an awful mess of your stove top.

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