A beggar begged for bread

One summer evening time

And said to one well dressed

“Could you spare me a dime?”

The business man turned all

His pockets inside out

And said, “My brother, I’m

As broke as you, no doubt!”

The beggar said, “The gift

You gave will go much further,

For I’m not so hungry now

Since you called me your brother.”

“The true worth of a man is to be measured

by the objects he pursues.” – Aurelius

And, here we are in another week and beginning another Outlook column. Let’s see if I can come up with something in the way of news and/or a timely comment about an item or two of mutual interest in or about our fair city.

I had a response from last week’s item about the birds returning to my yard. My friend, Charline Towers tells me that the birds are fewer in number now due partly to Hurricane Katrina and then the next hurricane, Gustav. I only know that I would be just as happy if the flock would pass on by my yard without decorating my driveway so colorfully and filling the air with their squaking. (I do appreciate Charline’s taking time to call me and furnish that information.)

Sunday worship services were good at Woodlawn Baptist Church with the choir presenting some lovely special music and our pastor, Rev. Roger Johnson delivering timely messages. Attendance was up and everyone seemed in a good mood. The message to the children in the “Kids Corner” time was presented by Thelma Calloway who told them all about Levi jeans and the fellow who orginally made the for the California gold miners who needed extra strong material in their clothing, especially in the pockets where Levi placed metal studs in the outer corners to make them more secure. Thelma applied this message to our daily lives in which we need strength many times in various ways.

After the morning service, I traveled down to Popeye’s with James and Nona Garner, Gloria Traxler and Laura Pierce. We ate there last Sunday, but some of us wanted to try something different this time. When this group gets together, the con-versation gets lively and may go off in all directions. This particular Sunday, some of us had photos which Ronald Gonzales had given us just prior to the beginning of the morning worship service. (Ronald had found these pictures in among his late mother’s effects and he knew we would appreciate receiving them.)

Well, sir, those old snapshots were a revelation and quite a reminder of the changes wrought in each of us through the intervening years from the time the photos were made several years ago. ( We had a strong and very active Women’s Missionary Union (WMU) almost from the beginning of Woodlawn Baptist Church back in the early fifities and sixties.) And, a group of us traveled to the annual state WMU meetings in various cities back in those earlier years.

We all looked so much younger and more energetic in those photos. My, my, the old song about “time changing everything” is really true. I don’t know who made the statement about a picture being worth a thousand words; but, it’s really the truth many times. Anyway, we had a lot of fun comparing the snapshots on which Mrs. Florine Gonzales had so carefully written the names, places and dates on the back of each photo. (It made me more aware of my need to go through my box of pictures and write pertinent info on the back side) But - when will I ever find the spare time to do that? I know…I know… I just have to bite the bullet and start doing such chores a little bit all along.

Monday night was very good at the monthly meeting of the older adult group, “Saints Alive” at First Baptist Church here. The round tables in the WMU Banquet Room were covered with white cloths and centered with strands of beads and bright colored foil bows to carry out a Mardi Grass theme. There was a huge crowd of folks who came out to partake of the delicious meal which had been prepared for us. (Most of the meetings have a covered dish supper to which everyone attending contributes some kind of food; but, this time the food had been already prepared for the crowd.) I don’t know who made the Taco Soup and/or the Chicken Noodle Soup; but, they were both so delicious. And, the good supply of cornbread really made the meal complete along with some very tasty cake for dessert.

Entertainment was provided by a men’s quartet consisting of Rayland Trisler, Ricky Cooper, Jerome Vascocu and Mike Sullivan. They were accompanied in great style by Jamie Harrell on keyboard. Oh, those good old hymns and popular gospel numbers were so pleasing to the ear. You could tell that the men were really singing from their heart. It was truly a most enjoyable evening and I was so happy to be there to enjoy the food and the fellowship of a great crowd of our local people.

Concern continues for Wilburn Harris as he recuperates from a severe aneurysm which he suffered sometime ago. He is still in the hospital in Shreveport, I think and we need to continue to pray for his recovery.

A CHUCKLE: While Joan and Marsha were busy cutting their client’s hair in their shop, they chatted about the trouble Marsha was having in finding someone trustworthy to service her car.

Joan said, “A car mechanic isn’t much different than a doctor. You pay them to correct your problem, but there’s no guarantee that it’s fixed.”

Realizing then that she could have offended someone there, Joan leaned over to Marsha’s client and asked, “You’re not a mechanic, are you?”

“No,” came the irritated reply. “I’m a doctor.”

Well, I didn’t get to see much of the Minnesota folks who came to visit my son, Kirby and his wife, Linda early last week. I heard that they all went to Shreveport one day and took in the BoardWalk there and did some scouting around in Monroe on another day. Right now, they are in Florida – soaking up some sunshine and warm weather which they probably need prior to returning to their home state later on. Maybe I’ll get to see them when they return here – before they depart for the far north again. They are a fun bunch to be with – I really enjoyed getting to know them better when they were here last year when I was going through all the series of medical tests.

I’m beginning to think that Spring is just around the corner – if we don’t freeze to death from the wind which continues to blow too much to suit me. I do believe that in this winter we are going to miss having a snowfall and severe freeze such as we have experienced every now and then through the years. It has certainly been cold enough and the conditions have seemed almost right at times for snow to fall.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping and praying against that calamity. (I know, I know…the kiddies would love to have snow to play in; but, it brings on a lot of problems, especially for older people. We’ll see….

Birthdays are coming up soon for: LaVerna Parrish on 2/27; Ashley McCowin on 2/28; Nelda Sue Hagood, Will Ed Jones and LaWanna Comeaux on 3/1; Sarah Thomason, Nora Brooks, Lara King and Kirk Williams on 3/2; Donna Jordan and Karen D. Darling on 3/3 and for Darlene Wiggins, Mike Boone, Jim Bond, Bob Sledge, Emily Weeks and Donnie Lee on March 4th. May all of these good folks celebrate their natal day in a most special way – and we wish them many more….

That will just about close out another Outlook effort. Hope you found something newsy and/or entertaining somewhere along the paragraphs. Please call me at 728-4422 if and when you have news or if you wish to make a comment or ask a question or whatever. I enjoy getting some input from our readers – makes me know that somebody is reading what I have labored over.

PARTING THOUGHT: What you see and hear depends a great deal on where you are standing; it also depends on what sort of person you are.

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