Hello, again. It is Tuesday as of the day I am writing this. And, as most of you know, this is inauguration day for Barak Obama as he takes office as the new president of the United States of America. This is truly a great day in Washington, D.C. and I would not want to be there in that throng of people. I doubt that I will even see it on TV; but, there will be enough news coverage that I won’t miss it all.

I truly wish the new president much success in his leadership of our country.

He certainly has his work cut out for him and I know it’s going to be a hard row to hoe with all the problems which already exist. And, there will surely be plenty of new problems cropping up quite often. It should prove most interesting to observe how President Obama handles the adversities as they occur.

Our cold weather has returned along with the almost constant wind. We might as well be living on the “lone prairie” where the wind blows constantly. I don’t like the wind except in the summer when there is an occasional cooling breeze outside. In the winter, the wind just drives the cold in through clothing and into our homes to some extent. I’ve said that I was thinking of moving to Florida; but, someone reminded me of the hurricane danger along the coast – so I’ll just forget that idea.

As I have said before, Rayville could be called “Just Far Enuff” according to my way of thinking. It is just far enough south that we miss much of the extremely cold temperatures during most of our winters. And, it is just far enough north so that we escape a lot of the muggy weather of the lower south part of the U.S. Also, if we were any further west, there would be possibly drouth problems. Any further to the east, there could be hurricanes coming from the ocean. No place is perfect – there are always drawbacks in every location; but I love Rayville. It has been my home since 1949 and I think it is the best place for me in the whole wide world. And, I have been privileged to see a great portion of our United States in the past several years – thanks mostly to the efforts of my son, Kirby and his wife, Linda.

Also, during the lifetime of my late husband, “Doc”, we traveled a good bit – mostly in the summer – although we did make one trip to Minnesota right at Thanksgiving and there was snow on the ground and in the air and it was very cold.

And, as most readers may know, Doc and I spent two years in Colorado and Kirby was born there in the second year. Maybe that’s why cold weather has never seemed to bother him.

Sunday worship services were good at Woodlawn Baptist Church with Bro. Roger Johnson preaching a timely message at both morning and evening services. Afterward. Laura Pierce and I joined James and Nona Garner and Gloria Traxler for a tasty meal at Johnny’s Pizza.

On Sunday afternoon, a group of Woodlawn folks were at Colonial Manor Nursing Home to sing and hear our pastor speak. I always enjoy this so much and the home’s residents look forward to this time on Sunday afternoons when various church groups come to visit and spend time with them.

Larry Milby led the group in singing some hymns and then our pastor, Rev. Roger Johnson brought an encouraging devotional message. I stayed on afterward for a while and visited with several of the residents, including my longtime friends, Ethel Hazelwood and Ruby Sharbono

On Monday, Laura and I were in Monroe where I had an annual eye examination and I got a pretty good report. We did a bit of shopping and browsing in the stores prior to returning to Rayville.

Today is Triple-L Club meeting in Woodlawn’s Family Life Center. We will enjoy the usual covered dish lunch and then listen to James Garner tell of some of the events of his life. And, he does have some unusual stories to share. I may tell you a bit about that in next week’s column.

A CHUCKLE: The son in the family was a strict vegetarian and he traveled abroad for long periods on business. When he returned from Europe one time, he called his parents and told his father that he was about to pay them an unexpected visit.

His dad hung up the phone and called out to his wife, “The prodigal son is returning home. Go out and kill the fatted zucchini!”

Several events are coming up soon at Woodlawn Baptist Church. One which is always eagerly anticipated is the annual Tri-Association Men’s and Boy’s Fish Fry on Saturday night, January 31.

And, if I am recalling correctly, there will be a churchwide Fish Fry on Sunday night at Woodlawn after the evening worship service on February 1. So, it looks as if there will be lots of eating going on and most folks enjoy this activity pretty often.

That is one activity which requires little training – in fact, we practice it so much that it becomes a real habit. Yeah! Bring on the food!

Sorrow came to our community with the death of one of our longtime citizens, Ms. Louise Gladney, a retired school teacher. My, my, I know many of our town’s citizens probably went through her classroom. She had remained fairly active through the years – in fact, I was told that she had lunch at the Council on Aging the day prior to her death. She will be sadly missed by a host of friends and/or former students. May God’s peace and love be sufficient for those in grief at this time.

Birthdays are coming up soon for: Casey Weston and Emily A. Guillory on 1/22; Lance Gowan , John Goodman and Lori Pierce on 1/24; Arlie Caston and Earline Odom on 1/25; Stefanie Jordan and Janet Philley on 1/26; Corlis Henry, Vicki Cockerham and Dianne Moore on 1/27 and for Larry Milby, Leslie Franks, Henry F. Cumpton, Ann Pritchard and Linda Bousman on 1/28. A belated birthday wish goes out to Bela Hales, a sweet lady in Colonial Manor who celebrated her recent birthday on 1/15. May all of these good people celebrate their natal day in a really fine manner – and we wish them many more.

That will conclude another Outlook episode until next week – the good Lord willing. If and when you have news you want to share, please call me at 728-4422. Leave message on my friendly answering machine and I’ll return your call. And that’s all for this week’s Outlook effort.

PARTING THOUGHT: Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish that we didn’t.

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