People beginning to question BP’s authority

By Howell Dennis


The pictures keep getting worse on a nightly basis. The pelicans soaked in so much oil that they are unable to fly. The syrup brown-looking oil that has now invaded our wetlands threatening to destroy the economies and demographics in our coastal towns, and that’s not to mention the wetlands themselves which state officials were trying to improve even before the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

And perhaps the most disturbing of all, the view from an underwater camera that shows the oil continuing to pump thousands (the exact number has been opened for discussion) of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

British Petroleum claims to have over a thousand of their best men on the case and are working on it 24/7. However, people are beginning to question why is it just BP working on the leak, and why are they being so stubborn about releasing information regarding issues like the amount of oil flowing on a daily basis. Why did it take a court injunction from CBS News and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to show the actual video of the oil pouring rapidly from the leak.

“These people said at first (right after the explosion which killed eleven people) that everything was under control with the oil,” said Mark Simon a shrimper from Delcambre. “Then when it was determined that there was a leak, they made the numbers appear to be better than we are starting to find out there are. Now they want to be the only people involved in trying to figure out how to stop this leak and clean up this mess . . . what a joke.”

In fact, several television news outlets had legal experts on their show trying to explain where and if BP’s handling of the disaster could be overruled by a governing body. Governor Bobby Jindal, who flew over the coast with President Obama on Monday and again with officials from the Obama administration on Tuesday, said that time was a serious issue.

“Our coastline is our first line of defense against hurricanes, the home to thousands of people in the seafood industry which is a strong part of our state’s economy,” Jindal said. “It will eventually move from the shoreline further into our state’s waterways creating more damage . . .and the longer it takes the toll gets larger. I’m not talking about days, weeks or months. I honestly believe after talking with several scientist that if this leak isn’t shutdown in the next 48-72 hours that we may be past the point of a simple clean up. This could conceivably be irreversible.”

“ I looked President Obama in the eyes and I truly do believe he wants to help us,” Jindal said of his visit. “But I implore you Mr. President something has to be done and it has to be done soon. BP officials are not the only experts in the world when it comes to offshore accidents.”

Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser, indicated that regardless of any authority BP says it has, workers from his parish were 24 hours away from beginning to dig trenches along the shore to collect the incoming oil.

“We will do whatever is necessary to protect our people and our parish,” said Nungesser his voicing cracking as he spoke. “I’ve heard information that it may take up to three weeks to get this under control. I don’t think we can last another 24 hours.”

“We have had tens of thousands of request from people across the country and the world for that matter that are willing to come help us,” said Troy Eckel of Port Fourchon. “Why doesn’t BP let them come? What harm could it do? It’s time for the federal government or some other government agency to take over this entire situation. The people who created this mess are now going to save us by themselves? That’s (expletive) and it’s only getting worse.”

The spill is easily visible from satellite imagery and it has been said that the oil covering the Gulf is the size of Maryland and Delaware combined.

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