Stokes emphasizes mosquito control

By Howell Dennis

ESTHERWOOD – Glenn Stokes’ effect on mosquito control in Acadia parish is already being felt after just a couple of weeks. While touring various parts of Acadia parish with Stokes Thursday morning, he points out some of the “hot spots” he has already treated.

“Last week this place had one of the highest mosquito populations I’ve ever seen,” he said as he tested water in a ditch near MiMi’s Cafe in Morse. “Now as you can see there are no mosquitos at all here.”

Stokes is quick to point out which type of environments mosquitos thrive in. Standing water is the main culprit, especially in ditches that are near septic tanks such as the previously mentioned area in Morse.

“Many people think that crawfish ponds and rice fields are really vulnerable and that’s just not the case,” he said. “The deep banks and water movement prevent mosquitos from breeding in such areas.”

Stokes also points out that water that has fish in it does not produce many mosquitos either.

“Mosquito larvae is a big source of food for fish,” he said.

Next weekend (April 25-27) Stokes’ company, Mosquito Control Contractors Inc. (MCCI), will be having a mosquito breeding source reduction sweep. They will be traveling to all the towns and villages in Acadia parish south of I-10 to pick up cans, bottles, plastic containers, and anything else that holds water. They are asking residents to drop off any items that they have on their property into containers which they will be dropping off at designated areas in these towns.

MCCI will be getting those towns north of I-10 the following weekend.

“We’ve been distributing literature all over the parish to get people educated about the dangers of mosquitos,” Stokes said. “I am trying to schedule presentations at the schools in area also.”

During the trip with Stokes, he tested a ditch near Duson Elementary School. Just one scoop of water pulled from the ditch contained hundreds of mosquito larvae.

“What is bad about this is the proximity of this area to the school over there,” Stokes said as he pointed to the school approximately thirty yards away. “These mosquitos rely on a bloodmeal to survive and they obviously don’t have to travel far to get one here.”

Stokes is also very receptive to serving the people in his area as was evidenced by the many business cards he passed out to the public Thursday.

“I want them to know that if they have any problems with mosquitos that they shouldn’t hesitate to call me,” he said.

Anyone needing to contact MCCI can call 785-4456. Their web address is

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