The Tangipahoa Parish School System Personnel Committee comprised of Rose Dominguez, Leonard Genco, Danny Ridgel, and Al Link met with Superintendent Mark Kolwe, Thomas Bellavia and Personnel Directors Ron Genco and Reginald Elzy on Tuesday, November 25 at the Central Office. The committee had a brief discussion on new hires related to two alternative schools. These hires were approved because they were needed at these schools. At this meeting all proposed recommendations were approved.  

Newly hired teachers approved were Patricia Sparacello - special ed. teacher at Northwood in place of Pepper Van Norman who resigned effective Nov. 10, 2008; Edward Marshall - teacher, new position, at Hammond Westside Upper effective Nov. 13, 2008; Kenneth Sims - teacher, new position, at Hammond Jr. High effective Nov. 10, 2008.

Philicia Mollere was approved for transfer from her special ed. teacher position at Northwood to special ed. teacher at Natalbany Elementary effective Nov. 11, 2008.  Mollere is replacing Christina Petermann who was reclassified.

Chairman of the Personnel Committee Ann Smith gave authorization to replace and advertise veteran employee Diane Vaccaro's position due to her retirement effective Dec. 20, 2008 making this position the only new opening at this point.

Newly hired support personnel approved were April Dillon - paraprofessional at Hammond Eastside Upper, new position, effective Nov. 10, 2008; Dwayne Davis - Title 1 paraprofessional/tutor at Hammond Eastside Upper in place of Deberral Patterson who was reclassified effective Nov. 11, 2008; Felicia Harrison - paraprofessional at Hammond West Side Upper in place of Luretha Garrett who resigned effective Nov. 14, 2008; Lue Cynthia Showers - lunchroom monitor at Hammond Eastside Primary in place of Jacqueline Dykes who resigned effective Oct. 31, 2008.

Approved support personnel reclassifications were Deberral Patterson from Title 1 paraprofessional/tutor at Hammond Eastside Upper to teacher at Hammond Eastside Upper, new position, effective Nov. 10, 2008; and Katherine Spears from 9 month janitor at Ponchatoula High to 12 month janitor at Ponchatoula High in place of Paul Harris who retired effective Nov. 7, 2008.

Ranada Kennedy was approved for transfer from child specific paraprofessional at Hammond Eastside Upper to paraprofessional at Hammond Eastside Upper, new position, effective Nov. 10, 2008.

Phyllis Reynolds was approved for transfer/reclassification from product manager at Amite High to acting manager to Hammond Jr. High in place of Regina Jones on leave effective Nov. 3, 2008.

Mary Bacon was approved for reclassification from seven hour SFS worker at Sumner to 4 hour SFS at Sumner effective Nov. 3, 2008.

Faye Ratcliff was approved for transfer from billing clerk at Hammond High to billing clerk at Hammond Westside Primary in place of Dorothy Heisser effective Oct. 6, 2008.

Approved sabbatical leaves were:

Christine Rapp - teacher - Loranger Elem. 2nd semester 08-09 session

Amanda Foy - teacher - Tucker Elem. 2nd sem. 08-09

Jolene Huguet - sp. therapist - Loranger Middle 2nd semester 08-09 session

Krystle Hyman - teacher - Tucker Elem. 2nd semester 08-09 session.

Leaves approved were:

Jennifer Robertson - teacher - Roseland Elem. - extended sick leave effective Nov. 18, 08 - Dec. 3, 08

Tammy Lee - res. teacher Title 1 - extended sick leave effective Nov. 17 - Dec. 1, 08

Jewel McCoy - account specialist - Central Office - extended sick leave effective Dec. 10, 08

Gaynell Ockman - SFS worker - Vinyard - extended sick leave effective Sept. 25, 08

Marie Caldorera - counselor - Ponchatoula High - extended sick leave effective Nov. 10, 08;

Elsie Deal - bus driver - Amite - straight leave effective Oct. 29, 08

Carol Conti - bus driver - extended sick leave effective Nov. 10, 08

Regina Jones - SFS mnager - Hammond Jr. High - extended sick leave effective Nov. 3, 08.

Resignations were:

Carolyn Grant - SFS worker - Hammond Westside Primary effective Nov. 7, 08

Wendy Shirley - paraprofessional - D. C. Reeves effective Dec. 19, 08

LaChedra Legard SFS wofker - D. C. Reeves effective Nov. 18, 08

Edna Clayton - bus attendant - Perrin Early Learning Center effective Nov. 13, 08.

Retirements were:

Priscilla Vest - teacher - Ponchatoula Jr. High effective Jan. 1, 2009

Delores Gaten - bus driver - Hammond Jr. High dffective Dec. 20, 08.

The following individuals were approved and added to the substitute teacher list: Kristy Adams, Leza Addison, Amber Agnello, Melissa Allen, Cynthia Baer, Caroline Bankston, Hilda Beal, Keisha Bell, Ashley Brown, Georgia Brown, Takendra Brumfield, Karen Buratt, Christy Calhoon, Mindi Campbell, Terrelle Cannon, Shannon Cheek, Kimberly Cosey, Margaret Daly, Natoya Diamond, Kara Dotey, Miranda Fayarad, Watson Finister, Desirae Flanagan, Ashley Fletcher, Dwana Glass, Michelle Gordon, Rachel Griffin, Julian Harris, Judith Jenkins, Laquan Junior, Bridgett Landrews, Robin Lindsey, Tamara McGhee, Holly Milazzo, Rebecca Miller, Kachia Penn, Robin Price, Cynthia Ratliff, Tracy Robertson, Melissa Schliegelmeyer, Wesley Sheppard, Alissa Stewart, Peggy Toner, Rawndy Wagner, and Brent Widmer.

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