Teachers, parents and students preparing for testing

Rayville Elementary School administrators, teachers, and para-professionals provide excellent planning, instruction, and guidance for students during the regular school day. but without the help of parents and family members, students may not reach their potential at school.

On Feb. 19, students and parents were invited to participate in learning activities and find out about upcoming standardized testing at Rayville Elementary School’s Family Night. Students in third and fifth grade will be taking iLEAP, while fourth graders will take LEAP high-stakes testing during April 1-9.

The cafeteria was buzzing as students and parents played math games, learned about on-line reading activities, matched Spanish words and pictures, and participated in HeadSPROUT computer activities. A parent information station was set up with helpful books and pamphlets to assist with everything from behavior to test readiness. Teachers in third, fourth and fifth grades provided parents with information concerning LEAP and iLEAP testing which will be held in April. A slide show giving testing tips for students and parents was presented by third grade, fourth grade teachers discussed their students practice test scores with parents, and fifth grade presented a demonstration of the Classroom Performance System or CPS, which allows instant assessment of learning through the use of individual electronic answering devices.

Parents may positively influence student performance by:

• Being certain that students get plenty of sleep, recommended bedtime no later than 9:00

• Encouraging students to do their best.

• Encouaging students to read carefully and think about the answers before choosing or writing.

• Encouraging student to give complete answers, answer all parts of multi-part questions, and show all work on constructed response answers.

• Being certain that students eat a good breakfast at home, or that they arrive at school between 7:15 and 7:30 to assure that they can eat breakfast at school.

• Trying to avoid or defuse conflicts between students and family members or others. Students who come to school upset usually have trouble getting settled and focusing on tests.

• Being certain that students are present and on time during all testing. Students who arrive after testing has started may not be allowed to test until make-up time.

Gloria Gallman and all of the teachers and staff at Rayville Elementary are working toward a good ending for the year, academic success for the students, and good relationships between parents and school.

Parents who have questions or wish to have a conference about a student’s progress will have an opportunity to meet with teachers on Parent Conference Day, March 6.

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