Trio of photographers showcased at March gala

By: Jeannine LeJeune
CROWLEY – Each month The Gallery holds a gala showcasing one or a group of its display members’ works. March was no different

Photographs from Joe Pons, Edward Leger and Heidi Stutes, 65 in total, were on display throughout The Gallery Saturday night for a gala from 6-8 p.m. and will remain on its walls until next month.

Pons and Stutes were both on hand to discuss their photographs and listening to them explain their pieces provided those in attendance the opportunity to understand more about photography as an art.

In fact the more you listened to the two, the more obvious the similarities between other art media and photography became.

“Things like composition, subject, and so on are important to any artist,” said Pons.

Leger’s works showcased many of the same concerns. He, however, was unable to attend the gala do to work.

Various photographs of wildlife, landscapes and particular objects were on display, which actually provided many different versions of similar subjects. For example, there were two photographs of alligators, several photos of butterflies and various landscapes. Pons particularly found the opportunity to view similar subjects in different ways very interesting.

The first three pieces of the show were of rice mills, of which one visitor to The Gallery said, “Who knew pictures of rice mills on a wall could be so interesting.”

After several photos of landscapes and other various objects–an old locomotive and tractor among them, the wildlife photographs were next. A majority of Pons and Stutes’ photos could be found. The two had photos of birds, lizards, caterpillars and so on. The wildlife section were where each artist had one of the pieces they were each particularly proud to show.

Pons referenced his “Ruby Beach Clamshell” when stating how something will just click in his brain as a possible subject.

“I saw it early one morning as the sun hit the shell,” he said. “So I had to dig holes in the sand to get the right angle, but it was worth it.”

Stutes pointed to her two photos of a beehive, “Winnie’s Love” and “Beehive,” as sometimes you can’t worry about your surroundings, no matter how many bugs may not be fans of you taking photos of their home.

There were also pieces showcasing Louisiana at its finest, showing off the Basin among other locations.

“I like the diversity,” he said. “We have architecture, older images, nostalgia and nature.

“There are also different approaches to each photograph. Some with strong colors, others with muted; some in black and white, others with pastel of colors.”

The show was Stutes’ first ever and Pons’ first in Crowley.

“I was nervous at first, then excited for my first show and I am in very good company,” said Stutes.

“It’s fun,” said Pons.

Stutes’ works follow one simple motto, according to the artist.

“I want to capture that moment as I see it.”

Pons meanwhile, classifies photographs into three different sectors:

1. I was there and I saw this,

2. Memory photography, which is more personal and less concerned will all the aesthetics, and

3. Emotional, feeling and concepts. These photographs are where the art of photography for Pons are showcased.

“These are the photos that are to be shared, that’s the one we spend hours trying to capture,” he said.

All three have seen their photography hobby grow beyond their imagination. Pons was once a professor at UL-Lafayette. Since he has retired, he has had the opportunity to spend more time photographing. Stutes and Leger meanwhile have gone from taking photos here and there to opening up their own studios and becoming a career for each of them.

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