Trying to quit smoking? You can do it with help

By: Angela Becnel - Staff Writer
According to non-smoker Heather Young of Crowley, a pack of cigarettes will cost between $3.27 for a pack of Pyramids and up to $6.56 for a pack of Newports.

“A carton of Marlboro costs $48.00.” Heather Young has worked at Valero since August 2010.

According to the Surgeon General, “Cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide.”

Josette Thibodeaux from Branch has worked at Fantastic Sams in Crowley for fourteen years.

“I would like to quit smoking by the end of this month,” she said.

Chris Vidalier from Kaplan works in Crowley and smokes one half pack of cigarettes per day.

“I would like to quit smoking in the next two months,” said Vidalier.

Stated simplified, here are a few remedies and products to aid in the cessation of a smoking addiction.

Acupuncture treatment in the use of addiction is a method of inserting very tiny tack-like needles in the ears. This is usually done in a group of five treatments over two weeks.

“There is a specific protocol for the series of reflex points in the ear,” stated John Hebert of the Acupuncture Center of Acadiana at Camelia House.

“Inserting the tiny needles at these points interupts the person’s desire for and the necessity of the addiction in the person’s life because of the calming state it brings,” Hebert continues.

According to Hebert, using acupuncture will not make a person want to quit smoking. A person has to have the will to stop. But acupuncture can help the body to easily accept a different way of being, free of the habitual addiction of smoking. The treatment of acupuncture allows one not to struggle so much with one’s inner cravings because the body is less sensitive, more balanced.

“The needles inserted into the pressure points calms the mind and body and makes it easier to get through the first seventy two hours,” advises Hebert. While the body releases itself of the chemical addiction to nicotine, withdrawal symptoms can be severe. “Acupuncture alleviates anxiety, aids in restful sleep and puts a person in a balanced place so they can more easily attain what they desire.”

The way that this works has to do with the specificity of the points in the ear. One pressure point in the ear supports the lungs for the energetic system of the lungs to be strengthened. Another point supports the kidneys which are tied into the strength of breathing. According to traditional Chinese medicine, kidneys are a part of our will power. One pressure point on the ear regulates our autonomic nervous system, and another is a point targeted for addiction because it generally suppresses any appetite, not just for food cravings. Then there are needles inserted in the point called Shen Me, or “spirit gate”, which calms the mind.

“The patient can leave the clinic with tiny tacks covered with flesh colored tape to be used for stimulating these points between treatments.” For more information, contact John Hebert at or or 593-9796.

Chantix, a prescription medication made by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Corporation, is a non-nicotine pill. It targets nicotine receptors in the brain, attaches to them and blocks nicotine from reaching them. When a person smokes, the nicotine that is inhaled attaches to the nicotine receptors in the brain. This sends a message to a different part of your brain to release a chemical called dopamine, which gives a feeling of pleasure. The body craves more nicotine because the pleasure feeling does not last long. By activating these nicotine receptors, it is also believed that Chantix causes less dopamine - compared to nicotine - to be released. Pfizer offers programs that can help the uninsured. Call 1(800)706-2400.

An electronic cigarette or vaporize cigarette is a battery operated devise which provides inhaled doses of a non-nicotine vaporized alternative to smoking cigarettes. It can be used in conjunction with other non smoking remedies to give the person a feeling of smoking to help ease the nervousness and discomfort of the habitual addiction.

NicoDerm CQ uses patented technology to control the release of nicotine and calm your cravings. The nicotine patch includes an extra layer that helps provide a controlled release of nicotine for twenty four hours, ensuring that not all of the nicotine will be delivered at once, unlike nicotine from cigarettes. After a few days cravings start to diminish. NicoDerm CQ helps the body to gradually wean itself off nicotine. Get a free sample of a Nicoderm CQ patch at www.Nicoderm

Hypnosis is an effective method of quitting smoking because under a hypnotic state, the sub conscience mind becomes very receptive to suggestions. Rob Rue, a Crowley native and 1970 graduate of Notre Dame High School has practiced hypnotherapy since 2000.

“A person has to want to stop smoking. No product will work if the intentions are not authentic,” says Rue. “Hypnosis, which puts no drugs in the body, has been accepted by the American Medical Association as a viable therapy for smoking cessation.”

Hypnosis is not sleep, but similar to daydreaming in a deeply relaxed state. Under hypnosis one cannot be forced to do anything they don’t want to.

The one hour hypnotherapy session is recorded on CD for the person to listen to at home. This serves as a resource for encouraging reminders throughout the cessation process. They can listen to the CD at home to reinforce the message of why they want to quit.

Our minds have two parts, the conscience and the sub conscience.

“The sub conscience mind tells us to pick up the cigarette and put it in our mouth,” says Rue. “That same mind that created the smoking habit is the same mind that will stop it.”

According to Rue, while a patient is under a hypnotic state, he tells them facts that they already know. He makes statements about the cost of smoking and reminds them that the next time they inhale, a cigarette will smell terrible and make them feel sick.

Then if a person smokes they literally feel sick and the smoking experience becomes disgusting.

“We get our recommendations from word of mouth and from doctors,” explains Rue. “ We have a 70% success rate with our clients.”

For information, or 981-4414.

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