U.S. Representative Boustany hosts Town Hall Meeting at Crowley's City Hall

By: Howell Dennis - Editor
CROWLEY - Congressman Charles Boustany was in Crowley for a Town Hall Meeting at Crowley’s City Hall Wednesday afternoon to speak to Crowley’s citizens about the problems in Washington D.C. as well as those we are facing in south Louisiana.

In his introduction, Crowley Mayor Greg Jones referred to Boustany as the man ‘who worked us through Rita, Ike and Gustav.’

“His job is a tireless one and it isn’t easy,” added Mayor Jones.

Boustany began by thanking the people of Crowley for attending the forum and by displaying his affection for the people of his district.

“Crowley is in the heart of my congressional district,” he said. “I go to work every day with tremendous pride knowing that I represent you people.”

“I firmly believe that the United States is the greatest country in the history of the world and that there’s no challenge we can’t overcome,” Boustany continued. “People in this country are not afraid to take a risk to succeed or even if they fail they can try again.”

He then began to discuss the problems in Washington D.C. and Louisiana.

“We were the only state in the country to lose a congressional seat,” he said. “While they’re growing we’re losing people. This lost seat means we have less influence in Washington. They wanted to cut up our voting districts and place Acadia and Jeff Davis parishes with cities like Shreveport...but the people who of southwest Louisiana stood up and said ‘no.’

The audience applauded loudly.

“We’re facing challenges that our country hasn’t faced in a long time,” he continued. “After World War II no one could compete with us. Now China and Brazil are trying to beat us.”

Boustany then talked about the subjects he found to be the most important facing the United States.

First was the present U.S. energy policy.

“Don’t penalize American energy production,” he said emphatically. “Not in the Gulf where we know we have oil and lets look at places like Alaska. You have hundreds of thousands of jobs that can be created and we could lessen our dependence on foreign oil.”

Next he spoke about the tax code.

“Our tax code is too complicated,” he said as he held up a book which contained the code. “We need a tax code that’s similar and fair.”

Health care was next.

“It’s going to add to our already out of control deficit,” he said. “They did the numbers wrong when they came up with this plan.”

“This economy isn’t growing and we’re not creating jobs,” Boustany continued. “If you want a realistic look at our debt it comes out to every man, woman and child owing $46,000. Spending is driving up our country’s debt.”

“I care about the people in this district,” he said as he held up his congressional voting card. “This card is not mine it is yours and I carry it close to my heart.”

He then took questions from the audience.

One woman asked about how much Katrina affected the population of the state decreasing.

“I think we were losing people anyway,” answered Boustany. “For over a decade our best and our brightest have been leaving Louisiana for better jobs. Even my son-in-law is moving to Connecticut. Education plays a huge role in this and I’d like to see it not be controlled by the federal government but by the states and cities.”

One man asked ‘if our country has cut any programs in the last two years?”

“We really haven’t,” Boustany answered. “Even the Secretary of Energy said that he has been given more money than he could spend. I’m asking the business owners in Louisiana to give me your top three to five unreasonable regulations that they face. You are being restricted by the spending of the federal government.”

There will be more on Boustany’s Town Hall meeting in Friday’s edition of the Crowley Post Signal.

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